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Free Shipping Over On All Orders Over $199

Arteflame Grill

Arteflame - Round Flat Top Grill

Whether hosting an event with friends or family, the Arteflame Grill is an absolute game changer in innovative outdoor cooking. The Arteflame premium flat top grills are a true work of artistry and efficiency that every grill master deserves.

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Why Cook with Arte Flame Round Flat Top Grill?

A round top grill is a must have if you want to enjoy an exceptional cookout! There are many uses and benefits for Arteflame round grills that you can take advantage of such as:

  • Easy to set up instructions
  • Simple and fast clean up time
  • Outer surface of grill can be used to sear food or to get a nice crust
  • Pot can be placed on the center grill grate to fry or boil food
  • Having the option of cooking directly on the flat surface or over the fire
  • Comes included with a seasoning puck
  • High quality corten steel feature without seams or welds
  • Optional center grill grate
  • Fire bowl is spun from a single piece of corten steel without seams or welds

Open Fire Grills with Art Flame Grills

Open fire grills have a few advantages that you should know about such as using short cycle carbon instead of fossil fuels. Also, wood fire is a lot more enjoyable than using propane or charcoal for a social gathering.

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