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How To Receive Your Freight Shipment

 What to Expect: 

  1. When the item reaches your city or a city near yours the dispatcher will call you to set up a future delivery date and time with you. The item will not be delivered until you set up this appointment.
  2. You need to be at the delivery address during the delivery window to receive and sign for the item. 
  3. The dispatcher will let you know what dates they have available. Delivery appointments can only be scheduled Monday thru Friday. The delivery times can only be scheduled in delivery windows of 8 am - 12 pm or 12 pm - 4 pm. Depending on the freight company the delivery window may differ. A fixed delivery time cannot be scheduled. Example 9:00 am. It can only be scheduled in a delivery window time frame. 
  4. Please make sure the phone number you entered at checkout is a good number to contact you at.
  5. Don't screen your calls until your item has been delivered. 
  6. The item will be delivered via a lift gate truck with one delivery person. It will be placed at your driveway or curbside. 
  7. Be sure to keep all your packing materials including the pallet. If you decide to return the item you will need to have all the original packing materials.

How To Inspect Your Delivery:

You must inspect the delivery for all items prior to signing for the delivery. Once you sign for your product, you are responsible for all damages including concealed damage. Please follow these steps to avoid any complications:

1. Count everything received in the delivery and make sure it matches the delivery sheet. If you are missing any accessories or parts, please make note of this on the BOL and reach out to our support team within 48 hours. 

2. Please open the packaging to inspect for any concealed damages. Make sure to look at the item from every angle to ensure you are not missing anything. 

3. If there are any damages, please take photos of the damage and write "DAMAGED" on the BOL. Refuse to accept the damaged shipment. The freight company will take the items back to the warehouse and we will get a replacement out to you ASAP. 

4. Reach out to with photos of the damaged product and we will work to get your new order out to you. 

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