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HPC Fire

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You've landed in the right spot for everything HPC Fire. From thermostatic timer remote controls to fire pit inserts and advanced electronic ignition systems, we've got it all and more. Whether you're familiar with the brand or just discovering it, we're here to guide you through its impressive range of products, rich company history, and answer the burning question: 'Is HPC Fire Good?'

Dive in to explore the various product lines that have set HPC Fire apart in the industry. Learn about the legacy they've built over the years and discover firsthand the quality and innovation that goes into every product. By the end of your journey on this page, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of what makes HPC Fire a trusted choice for many.

So, whether you're shopping, researching, or simply curious, stay with us as we unravel the essence of HPC Fire.

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HPC Fire Company History

HPC Fire manufacturers products with safety first and foremost. Originally a division of the Maddox Company, HPC Fire was incorporated in 1975 and has been going strong ever since.

HPC Fire started as a leading manufacturer of hearth products, starting with the safety pilot valve, millivolt valve, and remote control gas fire pit kits and repair parts.

HPC Fire is your source for not just replacement parts, but for entire DIY natural gas or propane fire pits. They provide everything you need to put together a unique fire pit that will make your backyard the highlight of the neighborhood.

Beyond that, HPC Fire also works with businesses and consumers to create custom designs for just about any residential or commercial property. They’ve made fire pits that are over 30 feet wide and put out 3 million BTUs of heat, all the way down to 2-foot-wide fire pits that only put out a few thousand BTUs — and everything in between.

With 7 patents to their name and the first to obtain CSA certifications for a wide variety of their products, HPC Fire is truly best-in-class. You can find their custom designs at massive commercial venues around the world, including casinos and resorts.

HPC Fire is located in the United States and proudly manufactures its products in Dayton, Ohio. Every HPC Fire product you buy puts money right back into the local economy.

Take a look at all the HPC Fire products available today, including HPC burners, controls, and more, or check out HPCFire.com.

World-Class Warranty Program

HPC Fire is well-known throughout the fire pit industry not only for its high-quality products, but also for its unparalleled warranties, many of which include up to 5 years of coverage. They make returns easy for customers, and when you work with us at Fire Pit Surplus, you’ve got the support you need to turn your fire pit dreams into a reality.

Is HPC Fire Good? 

HPC Fire pits are designed with the user in mind, boasting advanced features like remote ignition and Bluetooth connectivity. This ensures that you can set the perfect ambiance effortlessly, whether you're hosting a casual get-together or a more formal event.

These fire pits are more than just functional units; they're an experience. The cozy ambiance they create sets the stage for lasting memories with friends and family. It's about elevating those special moments and making them unforgettable.

For those who see their outdoor living space as an extension of their home and cherish their favorite outdoor activities, HPC Fire offers products that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality. Their range is curated to enhance every outdoor experience, be it a quiet evening or a larger gathering.

In the competitive landscape of fire pits, HPC Fire stands out. Their commitment to innovative products and unwavering quality has solidified their reputation in the market. They're not just a brand; they're a benchmark.

Choosing an HPC Fire product is an investment in quality and convenience. They ensure that from the moment of purchase, customers are equipped with the necessary accessories and support, streamlining the entire process and ensuring satisfaction at every step.