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Yardistry Structures

If you’re looking to build your perfect outdoor getaway, that sanctuary from the world where you can relax, have a drink, and enjoy your beautiful backyard, then a Yardistry gazebo is right for you.

Yartistry gazebos and other structures are some of the highest quality ready-to-assemble outdoor products available today. Read More


Where are Yardistry gazebos made?

Yardistry is headquartered in Waterloo, ON, Canada and has 5 subsidiary companies.

RicHow tall is the Yardistry gazebo?

Madison Pergola - 10’ x 14’

Carolina Pavilion - 11’ x 13’

Meridian Gazebo - 12’ x 24’

Meridian Pavilion - 10’ x 10’

Meridian Gazebo Kit - 10’ x 10’

How long does it take to assemble a Yardistry gazebo?

A Yardistry gazebo can take anywhere from 12 hours with a number of people working on it to 30 hours or more with just a single person assembling it.

Do I need to seal a Yardistry gazebo?

Yardistry recommends that you seal your Yardistry gazebo 3 months after assembly. It’s then recommended that you seal your Yardistry gazebo once a year.

Can I hang a hammock from my Yardistry gazebo?

A Yardistry gazebo is technically strong enough to hang a hammock, but it’s not recommended, both for aesthetic and safety reasons, as the gazebo is not designed to hold a hammock. It’s a better idea to get a dedicated hammock stand.

Does a Yardistry gazebo leak?

When properly assembled, a Yardistry gazebo will not leak. It’s critical that you follow the assembly instructions precisely to ensure your gazebo is watertight. It’s also a good idea to apply water sealant to your gazebo 3 months after assembly to keep it watertight.

Are Yardistry posts hollow?

Yardistry posts are hollow, though they are closed at the top.

How much does it cost to install a Yardistry gazebo?

Yardistry and Yardistry dealers do not install gazebos, so you’ll need to work with a local contractor to get your gazebo installed. Labor costs will vary significantly depending on your area, your Yardistry model, and the contractor you choose.