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Englander Wood Stove

Step into the world of Englander Stove Works, a family-owned powerhouse that has been revolutionizing the stove industry for over 45 years! Born from the innovative mind of Bob England in 1975, this company has grown from a humble family venture to a thriving business with over 160 dedicated employees. 

Englander, also known as England's Stove Works (ESW), is not just a brand - it's a legacy. A legacy built on the pillars of efficiency, durability, and user-friendly design. With a strong foothold in the United States and Canada, Englander has become a household name, synonymous with quality and reliability.

But that's not all! Englander's product range is as diverse as it is innovative. From the initial wood stoves to pellet stoves, combination pellet and multifuel stoves, gas stoves, and even metal fabrications - Englander has it all! Each product is a testament to Englander's commitment to extracting maximum energy from fuel while maintaining low emissions. This makes them not only some of the cleanest burning models on the market but also champions of efficiency.

And there's more! Englander's commitment to quality and affordability extends to their Summers Heat line, Timber Ridge brand, and Survivor Lifestyle series. Whether you're a homebody or an outdoor enthusiast, Englander has the perfect product for you.

So, why wait? Experience the difference that an Englander Stove Works product can offer! Trust us, you won't be disappointed.

Find out why so many customers have chosen Englander as their go-to wood stove by reading the Englander wood stove reviews

Englander Pellet Stove

Get ready to experience the warmth and efficiency of Englander Pellet Stoves, a line of products that are as eco-friendly as they are powerful. These stoves, fueled by wood pellets made from sawdust and shavings from wood furniture, offer an alternative and environmentally friendly way to heat your home. Each model is designed with the user in mind, featuring user-friendly digital control boards for steady, accurate heating, and outside air hook-ups for excellent fuel combustion.

The 25-PDVC model is perfect for moderately-sized homes, heating up to 1,500 sq. ft. It boasts EPA's latest certification for High Efficiency and Low Emissions, ensuring you use less fuel for the same amount of heat as older, non-certified stoves. Its unique double cast auger feed system ensures consistent, dependable fuel flow.

Englander 25-PDVC Pellet Wood Stove

The Englander Stove 25-CAB80S model takes it a step further, heating up to 2,000 sq. ft. Like its sibling, it also has the EPA's latest certification and a proven steel auger feed system.

Englander 25-CAB80S Pellet Wood Stove

Englander 25-CB120 Pellet Stove is a user-friendly and efficient heating solution, boasting a large 120 lb capacity hopper and an auto-ignition system for easy operation. Perfect for larger spaces, it can heat up to 2,200 square feet and is mobile home approved for versatile installation.

Englander 25-CB120 Pellet Stove

The 25-CBPAH model is the right choice if you need to heat plenty of space, heating up to 2,200 sq. ft. It also features a proven steel auger feed system.

Englander 25-CBPAH Pellet Stove

Englander Pellet Stoves are designed with ease of do-it-yourself servicing and maintenance in mind. They are also marketed under the names Timber Ridge and Summers Heat, offering the same quality and performance.

Whether you're looking for a stove to heat a cozy living space or a larger area, there's an Englander Pellet Stove model to meet your needs. Experience the difference that an Englander Pellet Stove can offer! Trust us, you won't be disappointed.

Englander Wood Stove 

Introducing the Englander Wood Stove collection - a remarkable range of heat sources designed to bring comfort and warmth to your home or cottage! Whether you're seeking a stove on a pedestal or on legs, a modern or traditional look, Englander has a unit that meets all your needs. Each model is known for its affordability and impeccable performance, making it a perfect addition to your home.

The Englander 32-NC Wood Stove is a true American classic, perfect for heating larger spaces. Crafted from durable cast iron, this stove can comfortably heat up to 2,400 square feet, making it ideal for those frosty winter nights. It can accommodate wood logs up to 20 inches long and provides up to 14 hours of burn time per filling. The stove is also mobile home approved in the USA, ensuring its safety and versatility. The Englander 32-NC features a large glass door for an unobstructed view of the fire, adding a cozy ambiance to your home. Plus, it's equipped with a rear heat shield and an easy-to-use ash pan for convenient maintenance. If space is a concern, optional side heat shields can be added for closer clearances to combustibles. Experience the warmth and reliability of the Englander 32-NC Wood Stove today!

Englander 32-NC Wood Stove

Meet the Englander 15-W08 Wood Stove, a top-tier heating solution that combines efficiency, elegance, and environmental friendliness. This American-made stove boasts a 3.5 ft³ firebox, accommodating logs up to 22 inches long, and can comfortably heat up to 2,400 ft² of living space. With its cast iron arched door and extra-large glass surface, you can enjoy a stunning view of the fire, adding a cozy and inviting ambiance to your home. Plus, it's EPA-certified, ensuring high efficiency and low emissions. The Englander 15-W08 Wood Stove is not just a heating appliance, it's a statement of style and sustainability.

Englander 15-W08 Wood Stove

Englander Wood Stoves are designed with the user in mind, ensuring easy maintenance and operational longevity. The company's excellent customer service is always ready to help solve any issues or provide operational advice concerning their wood stoves. Experience the difference that an Englander Wood Stove can offer! Trust us, you won't be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is the current owner of Englander stoves?

Englander stoves are now owned by Stove Builder International (SBI), a subsidiary of Empire Group. They acquired the assets of England's Stove Works (ESW), a renowned manufacturer of wood-fired and pellet-fired hearth products.

Where is the manufacturing base for Englander stoves?

Englander stoves are proudly made in Monroe, VA. The company is well-regarded for its commitment to craftsmanship and the durability of its products.

What is the recommended cleaning frequency for an Englander pellet stove?

For optimal performance, it's recommended to slide the heat exchanger rod, located at the front of the stove, in and out several times a day, approximately 7-10 times. The firepot should be checked and cleaned daily, while the firebox should be cleaned every 3-5 days.

How should I clean my England Stove Works wood stove?

Start by ensuring the pellet stove is off and has cooled down. Regularly remove ash deposits, particularly around the burn pot and cradle sides, using tools like an old paintbrush or putty knife. The burn pot, essential for operation, should be removed, cleared of any carbon deposits in the air holes using the provided tool, and its seating area kept free of ash. After cleaning, return the burn pot to the cradle. An ash or utility vacuum can be helpful for clean-up. Remember, proper maintenance is key to preventing damage, and the manufacturer is not responsible for issues arising from neglect.