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Englander Wood Stove Reviews

We understand that buying any wood stove is a big decision, and it's totally natural that you'd want to find some solid reviews on the brand you're considering. You're in luck, because you've just stumbled upon a wealth of real customer reviews on Englander wood stoves.

Englander has been rocking the wood stove industry since Bob England fired up his first stove design in his backyard in the mid-1970s. And why is that? Simple: their designs are not just effective and trustworthy, but they also won't break the bank.

Here at Fire Pit Surplus, we've sent hundreds of Englander wood stoves to happy homeowners all over the country. So, you could say we know a thing or two about Englander stoves! Englander's dedication to customer happiness, along with their durable, top-notch products, makes them a crowd favorite. Plus, their warranty is seriously impressive, covering a ton of parts and features to give you peace of mind.

Whether you're shopping around for a new wood stove or just gathering info on the Englander brand, rest assured, we've got the most accurate and helpful info you need. Let’s get started! 

What Makes Englander Pellet Stoves and Englander Wood Stoves Stand Out?


  • Efficient Heating: Englander stoves, notably the 25-PDVC pellet stove and the 32NC wood stove, are highly praised for their heating prowess. They efficiently warm up even larger spaces up to 3,000 square feet. Compared to other brands, Englander often comes out on top.
  • Easy Installation & Use: Users also appreciate the easy setup and straightforward operation of these stoves. Plus, their cleaning and maintenance are a breeze, making them very user-friendly.
  • Value for Money: Englander stoves provide excellent performance without breaking the bank. Users find the balance between cost and quality particularly impressive, making these stoves a smart choice for budget-conscious homeowners.


  • Startup Process: Now, it hasn't all been sunshine and roses. Some users have found the initial startup process of the pellet stove a bit tricky, with a few instances of the stove taking a couple of tries to get going. There's certainly a little wiggle room here for some refinement.
  • Noise Levels: Keep an ear out for this one. A handful of users noted the fan can get a bit noisy while the pellet stove is working away. It's not a widespread issue, but if a quiet operation is high on your priority list, it's something worth considering.