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Transform Your Yard With a Rectangular Fire Pit

Rectangular fire pits

No matter the season or the reason, a rectangular fire pit is the perfect centerpiece for your outdoor get-togethers. 

Whether you are roasting, entertaining, or just enjoying a relaxing time with family and friends, these rectangle fire pits add the missing ambiance to any yard.

Coming in a variety of designs and sizes with different burning options, these beautifully crafted rectangular fire pits will leave your guest in awe.

From roasting marshmallows with your kids, to having wine by the fire with your loved ones, a rectangular fire table is where lasting memories are made.

From the traditional wood burning, to natural gas and propane options, we will show you six of the most stunning fire pits. Keep reading to learn more.

Leave Your Guests Awe-Struck with a Rectangular Fire Pit Table

Hosting multiple guests can sometimes be an issue, especially if you lack space to entertain them. By adding a rectangle fire pit table, you are not only adding additional entertainment space, but you are adding beautiful artistry to your yard as well. Take a look at our top recommendation based on design and functionality.

American Fyre French Barrel Oak Rectangle Fire Table

Rectangular fire pit with table

The Cosmopolitan French Barrel Oak rectangular fire pit table from American Fyre Designs brings style and grace to your yard or entertaining space. It will not go unnoticed when hosting events or parties. Crafted from reinforced glass-fiber concrete, you won’t have to worry about the outdoor elements affecting your beautifully crafted fire pit.

It’s already hard to resist the warmth and mesmerizing glow of a dancing fire, then when you add the beautiful rustic wooden look to this centerpiece, it becomes the focal point for any get-together.

With an All-Weather Electronic Ignition System, this rectangle fire pit table comes with a handheld remote control that provides more heat with just a press of a button. It puts good use to the linear stainless steel burners, operating at 50,000 BTUs.

American Fyre Design now offers a flame sensing valve. Meaning if the flame is blown out, it will detect the loss of flame and shut the valve off, stopping gas from seeping out, detected by a thermocouple. (This is a safety feature that has been mandated for ANSI certification.)

American Fyre Cosmopolitan Rectangle Fire Table

Rectangle fire pit with table

The cosmopolitan rectangle fire table is made to offer a more contemporary look for your entertaining space. With four different finishes available and a plethora of different fyre glass, you can customize your fire feature to suit your style and taste. 

This fire pit table sits a height of 24”, making this perfect for sitting and enjoying conversation with a drink in hand or even a tasty meal with friends and family. 

Running on natural gas or propane, lighting a fire has never been so easy! For propane users, you are able to store your tank right inside the table.

All American Fyre Designs fire tables are made in America and crafted out of glass-fiber reinforced concrete, protecting them from nature’s elements.

Rectangle Fire Pits That Will Save You Money 

Looking to save money but still want to enjoy a rectangular fire table. Here’s something for you to consider that will save you money and still allow you to create your own beautiful fire pit table. 

Pyromania Rectangle Concrete Fire Pit Table

rectangular fire pit

Want that High-end, modern look but don’t want to overspend on a rectangle fire pit?

The Pyromania Alchemy comes in at an affordable price and is made from high quality fiberglass reinforced concrete as well. No matter if you are choosing the light grey or charcoal finishes, this is a piece of art that will add a sophisticated look to your yard or patio.

No need for a lighter or a match as this comes with a push-button spark system.

The Alchemy rectangle fire pit gives you the quality and feeling of a high-end fire table with its stainless steel burner that operates at 50,000 BTUs, there’s no way this centerpiece won’t warm you up on those chilly nights.

The Elementi Granville Fire Table

Rectangular outdoor fire pit

The Elementi Granville is made out of durable high-performance concrete and has a clean modern look to it, guaranteed to leave your guests impressed. 

This is most certainly an affordable rectangular fire pit that can fit into almost any outdoor space. 

This linear-shaped fire pit has a push to start feature that makes lighting this fire pit easy and effortless. Available with a natural gas setup or liquid propane operating at 45,000 BTUs.

Lava rocks are included with this purchase (13 lbs), as well as a canvas cover so you can keep your lava rocks from getting wet from the elements, a 10ft hose, and a repair kit.

Bring Your Yard to Life With a Rectangle Gas Fire Pit

We’ve all looked at our yard and have just wanted more out of it. We’ve wanted to just have that gathering spot where we could wind down after a long day’s work, or enjoy a relaxing weekend. Rectangle fire pits bring your vision to life.

Prism Hardscapes Tavola 1 Concrete Gas Fire Pit

Rectangle fire pit

The Tavola 1 gas fire pit sets the mood and adds a warm, cozy feel to your yard or patio. 

Handcrafted using a patina finish, this rectangle fire pit will surely add a touch of beauty to your backyard while providing a relaxing and functional space to enjoy with family and friends. 

Its natural gas and standard propane hookup operates at 65,000 BTU, providing enough warmth for multiple guests.

This 36” x 56” table makes this not only a beautiful piece of art, but it adds a lot of function to your outdoor area. 

The several different color options make the Tavola 1 very customizable, allowing you to show off your taste and personality to your guests.

EcoSmart Fire Wharf 65 Freestanding Fire Table


Rectangle fire pits

The Wharf 65 comes in a beautifully finished teak or fluid concrete with your choice of color, and is equipped with a grade 304 stainless steel burner. With its flickering flame that creates a soothing ambiance, this rectangle fire table is suited ideally for outdoor patios, pools, yards and terraces. 

The design is very modern with an earthy tone that will spark not only a flame, but also guaranteed to spark conversation at your next outdoor get-together.

This EcoSmart fire table is quite durable and versatile, boasting, triple fuel advantage: Allowing you to choose from natural gas, propane, or an eco-friendly bioethanol fuel system. 

The tabletop design is convenient for social gatherings as you can place glassware or dishes when you are entertaining company. 

The Unique Benefits of a Rectangle Fire Pit

There are a variety of fire pits for you to choose from, but the benefits of rectangular fire pits stand alone.

Looking to host multiple guests, or maybe enjoy a nice dinner outside with your family or friends?

The rectangular fire pit allows you to have more guests enjoying the warmth and beauty of the fire, bringing that warm and cozy feeling to any gathering of your choice.

Outdoor Seasons All Year Long

Not only do these extend to multiple people, but they will also extend your outdoor season year around. With a rectangular outdoor fire pit you can control the flame. 

So they can offer minimal heat on a low flame setting that sets the mood, or the flame can be turned higher to offer a larger flame that will warm you up when the temperature drops. All while adding style and ambiance to your outdoor area, as well as functionality. 

A Rectangle Fire Table Adds Ambience 

Whether you are aiming to add a relaxing atmosphere to your yard or a social gathering hub, there is nothing better than natural lighting from an open flame. So say goodbye to those tiki torches and light bulbs, these rectangular fire pits will surely bring your yard to life.

Rectangle Fire Pits Improve Functionality

When the flame is not being used, a rectangular fire pit can double down as a table by simply placing the lid on top to cover the flame. So they offer much more than just improved aesthetics and warmth.

Safer Than Traditional Wood Fires

Sparks and embers are no longer an issue with a rectangular fire table, as these fire pits are easily turned on and off with the push of a button. Eliminating smoke and flying embers that make an open flame dangerous. Making them safe to be around patio furniture and other outdoor additions you may have.

An Investment That Lasts a Lifetime

Made to withstand any element that mother nature throws our way, manufacturers have made these fire pits to hold up in extreme conditions all while being protected from UV rays. Assuring that your investment will last for years to come.

Final Thoughts on Rectangular Fire Pits 

So remember as you design your backyard, patio or entertainment space, a rectangular fire pit is an excellent choice. Not only will these centerpieces give you added space, but they will double as a work of art that brings your space together. 

Think of these rectangular fire tables as an investment that will last you a lifetime, and they are well worth the time and money spent given they add beauty and functionality while lasting for years and years to come. 

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