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Elementi Hampton vs Elementi Granville— What’s The Difference?

You’ve decided that Elementi is your brand of choice for your next fire pit table, but you’re not sure if the Elementi Hampton or the Elementi Granville is the right choice for you and your family.

We’re here to help.

When it comes to the Hampton vs Granville competition, we can honestly say that both are great products — beautiful, high-quality, sleek, and perfect for your backyard or deck.

However, there are slight differences between the two. We’ll go over them all in detail so that you can make the most informed choice possible. Let’s take a look at the differences between the Hampton and the Granville.

Hampton vs Granville — The Differences


  • Even if price is a concern, it won’t have much effect on your choice here. At $1,699 for the Granville and $1,899 for the Hampton, there’s only a $200 price difference.
  • At Fire Pit Surplus, we offer the lowest price available on both units so you can shop with confidence. Found a lower price online? Contact us to see if we can price match.

    Surface Area

    • The Elementi Granville Fire Table has a little less surface area at 11.25 square feet while the Elementi Hampton has a little more at 12.45 square feet.
    • The difference is pretty small, but if you plan on having lots of guests over and need all the space you can get for food and drinks, then you’ll want to go with the Hampton Fire Pit Table.
    • Keep in mind that the Hampton is 3 inches shorter at 14 inches, so even though you have more room, your guests will have to reach a little farther to get their food and drinks.


      • Here’s where you start to see a real difference between these two gorgeous Elementi fire pits.
      • The Elementi Granville Fire Pit has a beautiful smooth finish that will glisten in the sunlight and wow your guests.
      • The Elementi Hampton Fire Pit, on the other hand, has a more textured feel to its concrete, though it’s no less beautiful than the Granville.
      • It’s all about personal preference here. Pick the finish that you think is going to go best with your landscaping and hardscaping.

        Elementi Hampton Versus Elementi Granville Fire Table Finish Comparison


        The Granville is longer than the Hampton, giving it more of a rectangular shape, while the Hampton is a bit more square-shaped. You’ll want to look at your patio, backyard, or deck to see which style will best fit your needs.


        • The Hampton is the lighter of the two at 145 lb.
        • The Granville weighs in at 176 lb.
        • Weight can be a huge limiting factor in what you can fit on your deck, so you’ll want to check first with your builder to see what they recommend.
        • Fortunately, both are relatively light, so if you need to move them around, two or three people will be able to do so fairly easily.

          The Similarities


          • Both the Hampton and the Granville have a one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.
          • To put it simply, the manufacturer guarantees that the features and accessories will be free from defects in both parts and workmanship.
          • If you have any defects in your product, reach out to the team at Fire Pit Surplus and we can assist you.

          Loved by Customers

          • As you might expect from such a high-quality brand as Elementi, both products have amazing customer feedback, with dozens of online reviews.
          • Some customers said that the Elementi fire pits easily compete with other fire pits that cost a lot more.
          • Other customers have said that they were blown away by how durable and reliable Elementi fire pits are.
          • And we don’t mind bragging a little — many of our customers mentioned that our customer service exceeded their expectations.

          Elementi Granville Fire Table Customer Feedback

          Elementi Hampton Fire Table Customer Feedback

          Heat Output

          • Many customers who did their research found that both fire pits put out plenty of heat and light.
          • At 45,000 BTUs, you’re sure to get all the heat you need to turn frigid autumn and winter nights into cozy gatherings around the fire — you can even roast some marshmallows without worrying about the cold.
          • The dancing flames will dazzle all night long, reaching almost two feet high.
          • Even though it puts out plenty of heat, the surrounding surface stays relatively cool, allowing you to rest ice-cold drinks on the table without worrying about them getting warm quickly.


          • Both fire pits are ready-made and can be installed quickly and easily.
          • Though the finishes of the two fire pits differ, they are both made of the same heavy-duty fiberglass-reinforced concrete that’s both sturdy enough to withstand any weather while still retaining its beautiful finish (though we recommend getting the stainless-steel lid to protect the burner area).

          It's worth noting that all Elementi products are produced in China but shipped directly from Southern California. This overseas production process is what allows them to produce high-quality products at an affordable price. Edward Shaw of Leeline Sourcingsaid it best, "One way for China to produce quality goods like high-end fire pits at a price packed with value for the consumer is to leverage their large-scale manufacturing capabilities and economies of scale. By producing in high volumes, they can spread fixed costs over a larger number of units and reduce per-unit costs."

          Neither Will Disappoint — Pick What’s Right for You

          Ultimately, both the Elementi Hampton and the Elmenti Granville are perfect choices for your deck, patio, or backyard. With their modern designs, durability, and reasonable pricing, it’s hard to find a better fire pit. Check out the Elementi Granville and the Elementi Hampton today.

          Price: $

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