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The 7 Best Patio Heaters for Your Outdoor Space in 2024

Imagine a crisp evening under a starlit sky, the gentle rustle of leaves in the breeze, and the comforting warmth of a glowing heater making your patio the coziest corner of your home. This isn't just any outdoor space; it's your retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life, a place where memories are made and shared. 

Navigating the world of patio heaters can be as complex as choosing the right wine for dinner. With our guide, we promise to simplify the complexities, offering insightful tips that cater to both the traditionalist charmed by the crackle of a fire pit and the tech-savvy enthusiast intrigued by the latest in eco-friendly heating solutions.

As we embark on this journey together, you can expect to uncover practical insights, receive personalized advice, and consider key factors that will influence your decision. From understanding the nuances of BTUs and watts to exploring the aesthetic appeal of different heater designs, our guide covers it all.

Quick Preview 

Explore our selection of top Patio Heaters, each offering unique features and benefits for different user needs.

Image Product Key Features
Patio Comfort Stainless Steel Natural Gas Patio Heater Patio Comfort Stainless Steel Natural Gas Patio Heater High efficiency, Durable, Permanent solution
Bistroschwank Marine Grade Outdoor Patio Heaters MO-2100 Series Bistroschwank MO-2100 Series Corrosion-resistant, Powerful heating, Elegant design
Bistroschwank Marine Grade Outdoor Patio Heaters 2300 Series Bistroschwank 2300 Series Aesthetic appeal, Effective heating, Durability
AZ Patio Heaters Commercial Tube Heater AZ Patio Heaters Commercial Tube Heater High heat output, Stylish design, Commercial-grade
Bromic Heating Tungsten 6000 Watts Electric Double Element Heater Bromic Tungsten 6000W Energy efficiency, Sleek design, Targeted warmth
Parasolschwank90 Parasolschwank90 Innovative integration, Space-saving, Adjustable warmth
Bromic Heating Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable Heater Bromic Smart-Heat Portable Portability, High efficiency, Smart features

For more detailed information on each Patio Heater, including specifications and benefits, continue reading our comprehensive guide.

Types of Patio Heaters and Fuel Sources

When it comes to selecting the right patio heater, the options can be as varied as the outdoor spaces they're designed to warm. From towering propane-fueled models that cast a wide net of warmth to sleek electric units that offer precise temperature control, the market for best electric patio heaters is brimming with solutions tailored to every need and preference.

Let's dive into the main types of patio heaters and their fuel sources, highlighting some of the latest products and innovations that are setting the standard for outdoor heating.

Propane Patio Heaters

Propane heaters are the go-to choice for those seeking mobility and ease of use. They're ideal for spaces where electrical outlets are scarce or where heater placement flexibility is paramount.

The warmth of a propane heater is immediate and enveloping, perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere in a matter of moments. However, it's worth noting that these models require regular refills of propane tanks, which can be a consideration for frequent use.

Propane Patio Heaters

Natural Gas Patio Heaters

For homeowners with a natural gas line, opting for a natural gas patio heater can be a convenient and cost-effective choice. These outdoor heaters are typically more permanent fixtures, offering a steady, uninterrupted source of warmth without the need for tank refills.

The initial setup may require professional installation, but the payoff is a high-efficiency heater that's always ready to go at the turn of a valve.

Natural Gas Patio Heaters

Electric Patio Heaters

Electric patio heaters have surged in popularity, thanks to their versatility and environmental friendliness. Whether you're looking for a portable unit to warm a cozy nook or a more permanent fixture to heat a larger area, there's an electric heater to fit the bill.

Innovations in infrared technology have made these electric outdoor heaters more efficient than ever, delivering direct, targeted warmth that's both comfortable and cost-effective.


Electric Patio Heaters


Innovative Patio Heaters

The latest wave of patio heaters brings a host of innovative features designed to enhance your outdoor experience. From models that double as stylish outdoor lamps to units equipped with Bluetooth speakers, the fusion of functionality and aesthetics has never been more pronounced. Smart heaters that can be controlled via your smartphone offer unparalleled convenience, allowing you to adjust settings without ever leaving your seat.

Stay tuned as we explore the features, benefits, and considerations of each patio heater type in more detail, helping you make an informed decision that will transform your outdoor living space into a year-round retreat.

Our Top Picks for the Best Patio Heaters

Finding the right patio heater can significantly enhance your outdoor living experience by providing warmth and comfort during cooler seasons. Below are detailed reviews of selected patio heaters, each with its unique features, to help you make an informed decision.

Best Overall: Patio Comfort Stainless Steel Natural Gas Patio Heater

The Patio Comfort Stainless Steel Natural Gas Patio Heater stands out for its robust construction and efficient heating capability. Designed for permanent outdoor installation, this model taps directly into your home's natural gas supply, offering uninterrupted heating without the need for propane tank refills. Its stainless steel finish not only adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor space but also ensures durability against the elements.


  • High Efficiency: Utilizes natural gas for continuous and cost-effective heating.
  • Durable Construction: Stainless steel build offers longevity and resistance to weather conditions.
  • Permanent Solution: Ideal for homeowners looking for a fixed heating setup in their outdoor living area.


  • Professional Installation Required: Installation may require hiring a professional, adding to the overall cost.
  • Limited Mobility: Being a permanent fixture, it lacks the flexibility of moving the heater as needed.

Best Patio Heater For Winter: Bistroschwank Marine Grade Outdoor Patio Heaters MO-2100 Series

Engineered for performance and durability, the Bistroschwank Marine Grade Outdoor Patio Heaters MO-2100 Series is specifically designed to withstand harsh coastal environments. Its marine-grade construction prevents corrosion caused by salt air, making it an ideal choice for beachfront properties. The heater's superior heating capacity ensures your outdoor space remains warm and inviting, even on the chilliest evenings.


  • Corrosion-Resistant: Marine-grade materials offer protection against salt air and rust.
  • Powerful Heating: Delivers ample warmth, making it suitable for larger outdoor areas.
  • Elegant Design: Enhances the aesthetic of any outdoor setting with its sleek appearance.


  • Higher Initial Investment: The advanced construction and materials result in a higher price point.
  • Specialized Use: Primarily designed for coastal environments, which may not be necessary for all users.

Best Patio Heater For Restaurants: Bistroschwank Marine Grade Outdoor Patio Heaters 2300 Series

The 2300 Series from Bistroschwank takes outdoor heating to a new level of style and efficiency. Like its MO-2100 counterpart, this series is built to endure coastal conditions but with an added emphasis on design. Its sleek profile and superior heating capabilities make it a perfect match for upscale outdoor spaces, offering both functionality and a visually appealing aesthetic.


  • Aesthetic Appeal: Modern design that complements high-end outdoor living spaces.
  • Effective Heating: Provides consistent warmth, ideal for entertaining guests outdoors.
  • Durability: Marine-grade construction ensures longevity and performance.


  • Careful Placement Needed: To achieve optimal heating effects, strategic placement is crucial.
  • Investment: The premium design and materials reflect in its higher cost.

Best Patio Heater For Warmth: AZ Patio Heaters Commercial Tube Heater

Combining style with functionality, the AZ Patio Heaters Commercial Tube Heater is a standout choice for those looking to warm large outdoor areas. This commercial-grade heater not only provides a high heat output but also features a stylish design that adds a touch of sophistication to any outdoor setting. Its tube heating element offers efficient warmth distribution, making it ideal for commercial spaces and residential areas alike.


  • High Heat Output: Capable of warming large spaces efficiently.
  • Stylish Design: Adds an element of sophistication to outdoor decor.
  • Commercial-Grade: Suitable for both residential and commercial use.


  • Size: Its larger dimensions may not be suitable for smaller patios or decks.
  • Assembly: Some users may find the assembly process to be somewhat involved.

Best For Electric: Bromic Heating Tungsten 6000 Watts Electric Double Element Heater (BH0420033)

The Bromic Heating Tungsten 6000 Watts Electric Double Element Heater offers a blend of efficiency and style, making it an excellent choice for those seeking targeted warmth with a modern look. This electric heater is designed to provide direct, infrared heat, ensuring your outdoor space is comfortably warm without the inefficiencies of traditional heating methods. Its sleek design allows it to integrate seamlessly into contemporary outdoor settings.


  • Energy Efficiency: Infrared heating is both effective and economical.
  • Sleek Modern Design: Complements contemporary outdoor aesthetics.
  • Targeted Warmth: Directs heat precisely where it's needed.


  • Coverage Area: May require multiple units to adequately heat larger spaces.
  • Price: The advanced technology and design come at a premium cost.

Best For Smaller Areas: Parasolschwank90

The Parasolschwank90 stands out for its innovative design, seamlessly integrating with outdoor umbrellas to provide discreet, efficient heating. This unique approach to outdoor heating saves space while offering the convenience of adjustable warmth right where you need it, making it an ideal solution for dining areas and intimate outdoor gatherings.


  • Innovative Integration: Cleverly designed to work with outdoor umbrellas.
  • Space-Saving: Does not occupy additional floor space, perfect for compact areas.
  • Adjustable Warmth: Offers flexibility in heating intensity and direction.


  • Compatibility: Limited to use with specific umbrellas that can accommodate the heater.
  • Coverage: Best suited for smaller, targeted areas rather than wide-ranging warmth.

Best Portable Option: Bromic Heating Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable Heater (BH0510001)

For unparalleled flexibility in outdoor heating, the Bromic Heating Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable Heater combines portability with high efficiency and smart features. This heater allows you to easily move warmth to where it's most needed, making it perfect for a variety of outdoor settings. Its smart capabilities enable convenient control, ensuring your comfort is always at your fingertips.


  • Portability: Easily move the heater to different outdoor areas as needed.
  • High Efficiency: Provides quick and effective warmth.
  • Smart Features: Offers enhanced control over heating settings.


  • Price Point: The convenience and technology of this model come at a higher cost.
  • Fuel Source: As an electric model, it requires access to a power outlet, which may limit placement options.

When choosing the perfect patio heater for your outdoor space, consider the size of the area you wish to heat, the typical weather conditions in your region, and how the electric patio heaters design will complement your outdoor decor. Whether you opt for a natural gas, propane, or electric model, the right patio heater can extend your outdoor living season and make your space a year-round retreat.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Patio Heater

Selecting the right patio heater for your outdoor space is more than just about staying warm; it's about enhancing your outdoor living experience in a way that's both efficient and harmonious with your lifestyle. Here are some crucial factors to consider that will help guide you to the perfect choice.

Heating Capacity and Efficiency

The effectiveness of a patio heater is measured not just by the warmth it provides but by its ability to do so efficiently over the area you need. Heating capacity, typically measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs) for gas heaters and watts for electric models, is a key indicator of this efficiency.

Calculating Your Needs: To estimate the heating capacity required for your space, a general rule of thumb is to allocate about 10 watts of heating power for every square foot of outdoor space for electric heaters. For gas heaters, you'll need approximately 34 BTUs per square foot. However, factors like the outdoor temperature, wind conditions, and the desired temperature increase should also be considered for a more accurate calculation.

Safety Features

When it comes to devices that produce heat, safety cannot be overstated. Modern patio heaters come equipped with various safety features designed to protect you, your loved ones, and your property.

  • Automatic Shut-Off: This feature turns the heater off automatically if it gets too hot or tips over, preventing potential fire hazards.
  • Tip-Over Protection: Especially important for freestanding models, tip-over protection ensures the heater turns off if it's accidentally knocked over.
  • Cool-Touch Surfaces: Some models are designed with materials that stay cool to the touch, reducing the risk of burns upon contact.

Design and Aesthetics

A patio heater should be more than just functional; it should also enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor space. The market offers a wide range of designs, from traditional to contemporary, allowing you to find a heater that complements your outdoor decor seamlessly.

Matching Your Style: Whether you prefer a minimalist look or a more decorative piece, there's a patio heater to match every aesthetic preference. Consider how the design, color, and material of the heater will fit with your existing outdoor furniture and decor.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

For many, the ideal patio heater is one that offers convenience at every turn, from installation to daily operation and maintenance.

  • Remote Controls and Smart Features: Many modern heaters come with remote controls or even smart home compatibility, allowing you to adjust settings without having to physically interact with the heater.
  • Easy Assembly: Look for models that are easy to assemble, with clear instructions and minimal tools required. This will save you time and potential frustration.
  • Low Maintenance: Opt for heaters that are easy to clean and require minimal upkeep. Models with fewer moving parts or those made from materials resistant to rust and corrosion will generally be easier to maintain over time.

By carefully considering these key factors, you can ensure that the outdoor patio heater that you choose will not only keep you warm through many seasons but will also be a valued addition to your outdoor living space. Remember, the best patio heater is one that meets your specific needs in terms of heating capacity, safety, design, and ease of use, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for all your outdoor activities.

Installation and Placement Tips

Choosing the right patio heater is only the first step in creating a warm and inviting outdoor space. Proper installation and strategic placement are crucial to maximizing the warmth your outdoor heater provides while ensuring everyone's safety. Here are some essential guidelines to follow:

Patio heater installation

Optimal Placement for Maximum Warmth

  • Consider Wind Direction: Place heaters in areas protected from prevailing winds to prevent heat loss. If your space is particularly windy, consider models designed to withstand wind or use wind barriers.
  • Height and Tilt Angle: For overhead heaters, ensure they are installed at the correct height – usually 8 to 9 feet above the ground. Some models offer adjustable tilt angles to direct heat precisely where it's needed.
  • Central Location for Freestanding Heaters: Position freestanding heaters in central areas where people gather to ensure even distribution of warmth. However, ensure they're not placed in high-traffic areas to avoid accidents.
  • Use Multiple Heaters for Larger Areas: In expansive outdoor spaces, a single heater might not suffice. Consider using multiple heaters spaced strategically to cover the entire area evenly.

Safety Precautions

  • Maintain Safe Distances: Always keep patio heaters away from flammable materials such as trees, awnings, and outdoor furniture. Check the manufacturer's recommendations for specific clearance distances.
  • Stable Ground: Ensure that freestanding heaters are placed on stable, level ground to prevent tipping. For models with wheels, engage any locking mechanisms to keep the heater in place.
  • Child and Pet Safety: If children and pets frequent your outdoor space, opt for heaters with protective grills and cool-touch exteriors to prevent burns. Also, consider heaters with a lower center of gravity to reduce tipping risks.
  • Ventilation for Gas Heaters: When using propane or natural gas heaters, adequate ventilation is essential to prevent the buildup of harmful gases. Ensure your outdoor space is sufficiently open or has proper ventilation solutions.

By following these installation and placement tips, you can enjoy the warmth and ambiance of your patio heater safely and effectively. Remember, the goal of a commercial patio heater is to extend the comfort of your indoor living space outdoors, creating a cozy, welcoming environment for enjoying your outdoor space year-round.

Innovative Features and Technologies

As the demand for outdoor heating solutions grows, so does the innovation behind patio heaters. Today's market offers models that not only provide warmth but also incorporate advanced features and technologies designed to enhance user experience and environmental sustainability. Let's explore some of the cutting-edge innovations that are setting new standards in outdoor heating.

Smart Technology Integration

The integration of smart technology into patio heaters is transforming how we interact with these devices, making them more convenient and efficient than ever before.

  • Remote Control and Mobile App Connectivity: Many modern patio heaters can be controlled remotely, allowing you to adjust settings from the comfort of your chair or even before stepping outside. Some models are compatible with mobile apps, offering the ability to control your heater from anywhere, schedule heating times, and monitor energy consumption.
  • Voice Assistant Compatibility: Imagine adjusting your patio heater with just your voice. Select heaters now work with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, enabling you to turn the heater on or off and adjust temperature settings hands-free.
  • Automatic Climate Adjustment: Advanced models feature built-in sensors that detect temperature changes and adjust heating levels automatically, ensuring optimal comfort without manual intervention. This not only enhances user experience but also contributes to energy efficiency.
CSA certified Heaters

Eco-Friendly Heating Solutions

As environmental awareness increases, manufacturers are developing eco-friendly patio heaters that provide warmth without compromising the planet's well-being.

  • Infrared Heating Technology: Infrared heaters are celebrated for their efficiency, directly warming people and objects rather than the air. This method reduces energy consumption and minimizes heat loss, making it an eco-friendly choice for outdoor heating.
  • Low Emission Gas Heaters: For those who prefer gas heaters, models with low emission ratings are available. These heaters are designed to burn fuel more cleanly, reducing the amount of harmful pollutants released into the atmosphere.
  • Solar-Powered Heaters: While still emerging in the patio heater market, solar-powered options represent the pinnacle of eco-friendly heating. These heaters harness the power of the sun to generate warmth, offering a renewable and clean energy source for outdoor heating.

Additional Innovations

  • LED Lighting: Some patio heaters now come with built-in LED lighting, providing both warmth and ambient lighting for your outdoor space. This dual functionality not only enhances the atmosphere but also eliminates the need for separate outdoor lighting fixtures.
  • Weather-Resistant Materials: The use of advanced, weather-resistant materials extends the lifespan of patio heaters and reduces the need for frequent replacements. Materials like marine-grade stainless steel and powder-coated finishes withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring your heater remains functional and aesthetically pleasing for years to come.

The integration of smart technology and the development of eco-friendly heating solutions are just the beginning. As technology advances, we can expect to see even more innovative features designed to improve the efficiency, convenience, and sustainability of outdoor heating. By embracing these innovations, you can enjoy a warm, inviting outdoor space while minimizing your environmental footprint.

Remote Controled Patio Heater


When diving into the world of patio heaters, a few questions frequently bubble up to the surface. Let's tackle this head-on with concise, to-the-point answers to guide you through your decision-making process.

Q: How much does it typically cost to run a patio heater?

Electric: Around $0.20 per hour for a 1,500-watt unit.

Propane: Approximately $1.50 to $2.00 per hour, based on propane cost.

Natural Gas: Roughly $0.50 per hour, depending on local gas prices.

When are patio heaters usually on sale?

Late winter to early spring is ideal for discounts, as retailers clear out old inventory.

Q: What factors should I consider when choosing a patio heater?

Space size: Larger areas may need more powerful heaters.

Fuel type: Balance convenience with operational costs.

Safety features: Prioritize automatic shut-off and tip-over protection.

Design: Match the heater to your outdoor decor style.

Features: Look for ease of use, such as remote controls or smart functions.

Q: Are electric heaters cheaper to run than gas heaters?

Electric heaters can be more cost-effective for small spaces or occasional use, while natural gas heaters generally offer lower operational costs for regular or prolonged use.

Q: How long does a propane tank last in a patio heater?

A standard 20-pound propane tank typically provides about 10 hours of heating on high settings.

Q: Can patio heaters be left outside in winter?

While many are designed to withstand the elements, covering or storing your heater can extend its lifespan and protect it from severe weather.


And there you have it, a comprehensive guide to finding the perfect patio heater for your outdoor oasis. Whether you're looking to extend those summer evenings well into the cooler months or simply want to enjoy your morning coffee amidst the beauty of a frosty garden, the right patio heater can make all the difference.

Patio Heater in a commercial area

Remember, the key to a warm and inviting outdoor space lies in choosing a heater that suits your specific needs, from the size of your patio to your aesthetic preferences and safety considerations. With the insights and recommendations provided, you're now equipped to make an informed decision that will transform your outdoor living experience.

So, why wait? Dive into the world of patio heaters today and turn your outdoor space into a year-round haven for relaxation and entertainment. Explore our recommended products, more outdoor heating optionstransform your backyard into a cozy retreat; and don't hesitate to reach out for personalized advice or further information. Your cozy, warm outdoor retreat awaits!

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