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Pottery Works Fire Pit Reviews

Introducing Pottery Works, a renowned brand that artfully combines natural elements with striking designs. Based in sunny San Diego, California, Pottery Works has gained nationwide recognition for their exquisite upscale furniture products. Specializing in fire pits, concrete urns, planters, fountains, statues, tiles, marble sinks, dining furniture, and onyx sinks, Pottery Works offers an impressive selection that can elevate any home or business environment. As a top fire pit brand, Pottery Works' exceptional craftsmanship and innovative approach have left customers delighted, with returns below the industry average. Get ready to discover the beauty and quality that Pottery Works brings to outdoor spaces. 


Excellent value for the money: Pottery Works fire pits offer outstanding value for your investment. Crafted with precision from 100% engineered concrete, these fire pits boast exceptional durability and longevity. Combined with the stainless steel double fire ring burner, they provide reliable performance for years to come.

High heat output: Get ready to experience the cozy warmth provided by Pottery Works fire pits. With a heat output ranging from 95,000 to 296,000 BTUs at maximum capacity, these fire pits deliver an impressive amount of heat, ensuring your outdoor gatherings remain comfortably enjoyable even on cooler evenings.

Made in America: Pottery Works takes pride in its American roots, with their fire pits proudly crafted in the USA. This commitment to local production not only supports local artisans and businesses but also guarantees a higher level of quality control and attention to detail in each fire pit they create.

Perfect for hosting large gatherings: Designed with entertaining in mind, Pottery Works' 48" fire pits provide ample space for hosting memorable gatherings. With a diameter of 48 inches and a height of 14 inches, these fire pits offer a generous and inviting centerpiece for your outdoor space, allowing your guests to gather around comfortably and enjoy the warm ambiance.


Heavyweight: It's important to note that Pottery Works fire pits are known for their sturdiness and durability, but this also means they can be quite heavy. With all models weighing over 300 lbs, moving them around your outdoor space can be a challenging task. It's advisable to plan their placement carefully.

Match-Lit Ignition: While Pottery Works fire pits offer reliable match-lit ignition, they do not come equipped with Bluetooth capabilities. This means you won't be able to control the fire pit remotely or adjust settings through a smartphone app. However, they are designed to provide a hassle-free and straightforward ignition process.

Fluctuating Ship-Out Dates: Pottery Works fire pits have gained significant popularity, and as a result, ship-out dates may experience fluctuations. Due to high demand, it's possible that the availability and delivery times of certain models may vary. It's advisable to check with the retailer or Pottery Works directly for the most up-to-date information regarding shipping schedules.