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Elementi Fire Pit

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Founded out of Los Angeles in 2015, Elementi has taken the fire pit market by storm with its sleek designs and unrivaled performance. 

The company has three major shipping and manufacturing centers all over the world. With its HQ in Norco, California, the company ships to almost all of Europe, the entire USA, Canada, and even China. 

Elementi has become a well-known name in the interior design space, with its designs being featured in exhibitions globally. These include showcases such as:

  • Casual Market Show, Chicago
  • NHS Show, Las Vegas
  • PSP, Orlando
  • Cologne International Exhibition Center, Germany

Since its inception, Elementi continues to bring new designs to households and commercial residences all over the world. Homeowners and business owners alike couldn't be happier with their Elementi fire pit. But, don't just take our word for it, read real customer reviews here. 

Choose Your Elementi Experience

Elementi has released a total of 40 unique designs that are split up over two collections.

Elementi: Featuring 18 unique designs, the original Elementi line took the outdoor decor world by storm. Customer favorites like the Elementi Granville, Elementi Hampton, and Elementi Lunar Bowl can be found in hotels, bars, and backyards across the country. 

Elementi Plus: This is Elementi’s latest new-and-improved collection, and was launched in June of 2022. These 22 designs were created to serve a buyer in search of a more premium experience.


  • Elementi Boulder Fire Pit Canvas Cover EL-OFG110-CC1_1 Accessories Elementi
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    A covered fire pit is a protected fire pit. If you love sitting around your fire pit at night, you should always keep it covered when not in use. T...

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    Original Price $99.95
    Current Price $79.95
    Save $20.00

Where are Elementi fire tables made?

Elementi fire tables are designed in Los Angeles, CA, and manufactured in China. Their global supply chain has allowed them to offer a high-quality product at a fraction of their competitors' prices. Elementi fire pits are high-quality, affordable, and built for the outdoors.

How do you turn on the Elementi fire pit?

Turning on an Elementi fire pit can be done in two steps. First, push in the igniter knob, which will activate a sparking mechanism. You should hear a clicking noise. Then, turn the gas knob slowly. The combination of the igniter and the gas release will ignite the flames. Once lit, the height of the flame and heat output can be controlled by the gas knob. If you want a higher flame, turn the gas knob to the right. When you are done using the Elementi fire pit, simply turn the knob all the way to the left to extinguish the flame.