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Buck Stove

Wood burning stoves have been around for centuries, providing warmth and comfort for homes all over the world. Today, there is a renewed interest in these vintage stoves, and Buck Stove is at the forefront of this trend. 

Founded in 1975 by Carol Buckner, Buck Stoves was a hit with homeowners during the oil and gas crisis. Manufacturing out of their 300,000-square-foot facility in Spruce Pine, North Carolina, the company has been American-made since the beginning. 

The New Buck Corporation product line now includes wood burning stoves, gas stoves, fireplaces, and even patio furniture. Keep on reading to find out which Buck appliance is right for you. 

Buck Wood Burning Stoves

When it comes to wood stoves you have 3 options:  

1. Catalytic 

2. Non-Catalytic

3. Zero Clearance

If you’re looking to use the wood stove as your primary source of heat, then you’ll want to go with a catalytic option like the Model 91. Catalytic units have an efficiency rating of 72%. A downside of this type of unit is that it requires more maintenance. Eventually, the catalyst (average price around $500 USD) will need to be replaced which is an important time/monetary factor to consider. 

Non-Catalytic wood stoves like Model 74, Model 21, and Model 81 are excellent options if you’re looking to use your wood burning stove as a supplementary heat source. These units have a lower efficiency at 63% and require less maintenance than their counterparts. With a slightly lower price point and the exclusion of needing to buy a replacement catalyst down the road, a Non-Catalytic wood burning stove is a great choice for a budget-friendly buyer.

If you live in a mobile home or are in search of an easy installation alternative then a zero-clearance stove is the right choice for you. Model 21 NC ZC and Model 74 ZC were designed to be well-insulated so there is no distance requirement between where it is installed and its framing. Low maintenance, easy to operate, straightforward installation, if these benefits seem important to you then a Model 21 NC ZC and Model 74 ZC are your best bet. 

Buck Freestanding Stove (Gas) 

Don't want to deal with the hassle of cleaning up the ashes and soot from a real wood stove? Well, with the flip of a switch you can enjoy up to 33,000 BTUs of heat in any room with the vent-free zero clearance feestanding gas stove from Buck Stove. The Model 384 stove features an Ember Stove Base design with a glowing ember bed and a firebox area with Oak Style ceramic logs and Boston Buff brick panels. It is perfect for those who want to create an authentic look.

Fireplace Inserts

Buck Stove fireplace inserts are zero-clearance and vent free making them the ideal heating solution for mobile homes, new construction, or remodeling projects. With the Model ZCBBXL, you can personalize your fireplace to suit any style. The fireplace insert is available on its own or in combination with one of Buck stove’s mantel cabinet options for an even more comprehensive look!

Purchase A Buck Stove From Fire Pit Surplus

At Fire Pit Surplus we offer free shipping, brand names, and ultimate savings for your indoor and outdoor heating needs. We have a wide range of Buck stove products including their freestanding stoves (both wood and gas), wood stove inserts, and vent-free fireplace inserts. Contact us today and our expert staff can help determine which Buck product is right for you.

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