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Indoor Fire Pit Essentials: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying

A soft flicker from the center of your living room casts a warm, inviting glow. The crackling sound fills the room as the aroma of toasted marshmallows starts to waft through the air. There you are, wrapped up in your favorite blanket, roasting those sweet treats while your kids or a loved one share stories and laughter beside you. Gone are the days where this ambiance was exclusive to outdoor adventures. With Fire Pit Surplus’ collection of indoor fire pits, this enchanting experience can now be a part of your daily life.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the world of indoor fire pits. Discover the myriad benefits they offer, understand the key differences between these and the conventional outdoor propane or natural gas pits, equip yourself with essential safety guidelines, and peruse our top recommendations. And what's more, you'll get a chance to hear firsthand from our satisfied customers about their own indoor fire pit adventures. Let's embark on this illuminating journey together.

Stix Indoors

Benefits of an Indoor Fire Pit

Isn't it wonderful to have the power to decide where you want to create that warm and inviting atmosphere? Many indoor fire pit models are portable, allowing you to effortlessly move them from your living room to your bedroom or even your study. This offers unmatched flexibility in tailoring your ambiance.

Increased Property Value:
An addition that's both functional and stylish! Just as an outdoor fire pit can be a significant boon for property value, an elegant indoor counterpart can serve as an eye-catching feature that potential buyers find irresistible.

Enhanced Social Experience:
The magic of fire pits isn't just in their warmth, but in their ability to draw people close. An indoor fire pit acts as a magnet for family and friends, serving as the perfect gathering spot. Share stories, have hearty laughs, or simply relax and bask in the serenity — an indoor fire pit is sure to enhance every social gathering.

Year-Round Use:
Why limit the fire pit experience to certain months? With buying an indoor fire pit, you're free to enjoy its benefits irrespective of rain, snow, or chill. A consistent ambiance, all year round, is now a reality.

Eco-friendly Options:
Our planet deserves care, and so do our homes. Embrace the wave of sustainable living with a variety of indoor ethanol fire pits designed to be environmentally conscious. From renewable fuels to designs that produce minimal emissions, eco-friendly options ensure you enjoy warmth without the guilt.

Best Indoor Fire Pits

Introducing our top selections for indoor fire pits, with a special spotlight on Ecosmart Fire. We consistently find ourselves gravitating towards this brand and recommending it wholeheartedly due to its unparalleled quality and impressive warranty. Ecosmart Fire stands out as one of the rare manufacturers offering full-sized indoor fire pits, ensuring there's likely a perfect fit for your preferences. However, if you don't find exactly what you're seeking within these recommendations, don't hesitate to get in touch with us either through our chat service or by calling 888-671-4611. Our dedicated team is always here to provide tailored advice and curated selections just for you.

Ecosmart Firepit Martini 50 Fire Pit Table


Martini 50 Fire Pit Learn More


Heat Output: 65,000 BTU/h (Gas LP/NG), 20,433 BTU/h (e-NRG Bioethanol)


  • Length: 50in [1270mm]
  • Width: 30in [762mm]
  • Height: 11.7in [296mm]

Heating area: 646 ft²

Minimal Room: 4097 ft³

Ecosmart Stix 8 Portable Fire Pit

Stix Product Image

Heat Output: 20433 BTU/h (6 kW 21.56 MJ/h)


  • Length: 31.2in [792mm]
  • Width: 31.2in [792mm]
  • Height: 42.7in [1085mm]

Heating Area: 646ft² (60m²)

Minimal Room: 4097ft³ (116m³)

Ecosmart Fire Pod 30 Fire Pit Bowl

Pod 30 Product Image

Heat Output: 65,000 BTU/h (Gas LP/NG), 20,433 BTU/h (e-NRG Bioethanol)


  • Length: 30in [762mm]
  • Width: 30in [762mm]
  • Height: 13.8in [351mm]

Heating area: 646 ft²

Minimal Room: 4097 ft³

Ecosmart Base 30 Fire Pit Table

Base 30 Product Image

Heat Output: 65,000 BTU/h (Gas LP/NG), 20,433 BTU/h (e-NRG Bioethanol)


  • Length: 30.6in [776mm]
  • Width: 30.6in [776mm]
  • Height: 13.3in [339mm]

Heating area: 646 ft²

Minimal Room: 4097 ft³

Fuel Choices for Indoor Fire Pits

When it comes to fueling your indoor fire pit, it's essential to select the right type. One of the most popular choices for indoor settings is ethanol or alcohol-based fuels. These fuels are renowned for their ability to burn cleanly. Instead of releasing harmful toxins or odorous fumes, they simply emit carbon dioxide — a naturally occurring gas that we exhale with every breath.

Why Can't You Use Gas Fire Pits Inside?

Propane and natural gas fire pits might be staples for the outdoors, but they are unsuitable for the confines of our homes. The primary reason is their requirement for ample ventilation. When they burn, they can produce dangerous gases, with carbon monoxide being the most concerning.

Carbon monoxide is a silent, odorless killer. When it accumulates, especially in an enclosed space or place like our living rooms or bedrooms, it becomes incredibly toxic. Inhaling this gas can lead to severe health repercussions, and in extreme cases, it can be fatal. Hence, always opting for cleaner-burning fuel options, like ethanol, ensures safety while enjoying the indoor fire pit experience.

Navigating the world of indoor fire pit fuels can be a bit like finding your way through a maze. But amidst all the options, ethanol has steadily emerged as a beacon for indoor use. While we've touched on its clean-burning qualities, there's so much more to this fuel that makes it a top contender for indoor and outdoor fire pits. Ready to dig deeper into why bio-ethanol truly stands out? Let's continue our exploration.

Indoor Base 30 Fire Pit

Bioethanol: Best In-Class Option

When it comes to the ideal indoor fire pit fuel, bioethanol has emerged as the cream of the crop. But what is it about this fuel that sets it apart? Let's break it down.

Eco-friendly & Sustainable:
At the heart of its appeal is the eco-friendly nature of bioethanol. When burned, this alcohol doesn't spew out harmful pollutants or toxins. Instead, it releases heat, carbon dioxide (you know, the same stuff we exhale), and a touch of steam. Here's the fun part: the carbon dioxide it releases is happily reabsorbed by plants in a beautiful, natural cycle. It's almost poetic, isn't it?

Longest Burn Time:
Ever heard of e-NRG? Well, in a lineup of ethanol formulas, this one takes the crown. Rigorous tests have shown that e-NRG offers the longest burn time, making those cozy nights last just a bit longer.

Best Flame:
It's not just about the heat but also about the spectacle. And with e-NRG bioethanol fuel, expect nothing less than a mesmerizing performance. This fuel is renowned for producing the most vibrant and visually stunning orange flame in the market.

Martini 50 In Living Room

But hey, no option is perfect. While bioethanol is a top-notch choice for indoors, it's essential to understand its limitations:

  • Heat Output: Bioethanol doesn't radiate as much heat as its propane or natural gas counterparts. But for an indoor setting, this isn't necessarily a downside. Sure, you'll feel some warmth, but the primary purpose indoors is often aesthetic rather than heating.

  • Price: While bioethanol offers numerous benefits, it can be a bit more taxing on the wallet compared to traditional fuels like wood or natural gas, especially if you're lighting up your fire pit regularly.

  • Refills: While it boasts a long burn time, remember, about every 8 hours or so, you'll need to play bartender and refill your fire pit. But think of it this way: it's a small labor of love for the ambiance it brings.

There you have it. Bioethanol isn't just a fuel; it's a choice that prioritizes aesthetics, sustainability, and safety, especially for indoor fire pit enthusiasts.

Safety Tips for Using Indoor Fire Pits: The Ecosmart Way

Choosing to integrate an indoor fire pit into your home is both a stylish and functional decision. But like every choice we make, safety should always be a priority. Drawing insights from Ecosmart's manual, let's delve into some indispensable safety guidelines to ensure every fire-lit evening remains a delightful experience:

1. Mind the Space:

  • Size Matters: Different burners have specific room size requirements for optimal and safe use. For instance:

  • AB8/ AB8(EN) requires 4096 ft³ per burner.
  • AB3 needs 1413 ft³ per burner.
  • BK5 demands 2472 ft³ for every burner.

It's essential to ensure your room size aligns with these requirements.

2. Location, Location, Location:

  • Flammable Items: Ensure your fire pit is always placed away from flammable materials and potential ignition sources. Be extra vigilant about items that might move due to drafts, like curtains or papers.

  • Contact with Flammable Materials: The fire pit's base should never directly touch flammable materials.

  • Fixed Furniture Clearances: Furniture pieces that are less likely to move, such as couches or patio furniture, should be at least 23.6 inches away from the flame.

  • Overhead Clearances: Overhanging items, especially those prone to sway (like trees or mobiles), must be a minimum of 78.7 inches away from the flame.

Indoor Clearances

3. Maintenance & Care:

  • Stainless Steel Maintenance: While durable, stainless steel can rust or corrode if contaminants aren't addressed promptly. Clean regularly and remove debris to maintain its luster.

  • Protective Measures: When not in use, shield your fireplace from potential water damage with a protective cover. Also, utilize the Burner Lid included with your model to safeguard the burner.

4. Ventilation is Key:

In a standard home, air infiltration usually provides adequate ventilation. However, for smaller rooms with less than 200 cubic feet of air space for each 1000 BTU per hour of the appliance rating, take added precautions:

  • Open Up: Keep doors to adjacent rooms open or slightly open a window (at least 1 inch) to ensure a healthy air circulation and prevent any buildup of indoor pollutants.

  • Small Room Advisory: It's advised not to use the fire pit in super confined spaces like bathrooms.

Remember, while the allure of a warm, flickering flame indoors is undeniable, safety should never be compromised. Following these guidelines will ensure your indoor fire pit experience is as safe as it is mesmerizing.

Pod 30 Outdoors

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it possible to have an indoor fire pit?

Yes, it's entirely possible to have an indoor fire pit. Modern designs have been carefully crafted to provide the ambiance and warmth of a traditional fire pit without the associated risks. Many indoor fire pits are built to run on clean-burning fuels and are designed with safety features to ensure that they're suitable for indoor use. However, it's crucial to select the right kind and follow installation guidelines and safety precautions to enjoy its benefits safely.

What do you burn in an indoor fire pit?

Indoor fire pits often use clean-burning fuels to eliminate the production of harmful fumes or excessive smoke. The most popular fuel for indoor fire pits is bioethanol. Bioethanol burns cleanly, producing only a small amount of CO₂, water vapor, and heat, making it an eco-friendly and safe choice for indoor settings. Additionally, some indoor fire pits may use gel fuels or natural gas, but it's essential to ensure proper ventilation. Always check the manufacturer's recommendations for the appropriate fuel type and ensure you're using the right kind for your specific model.

Final Thoughts

There's a certain kind of magic that comes with having an ethanol fire pit. It's like capturing the essence of a starry night around a campfire, and bringing it right into your living room. With today's tech, it's more than possible—it's a reality that's both safe and stylish. The use of bioethanol as fuel ensures a clean burn, with no smoke to cloud your experience. And when we talk about brands that shine, Ecosmart Fire truly takes the cake. Their commitment to quality, coupled with that unbeatable warranty, makes them a favorite recommendation of ours. If you're toying with the idea of adding that special touch to your space, we say: Go for it! The blend of tradition and innovation, warmth and luxury, is truly irresistible. And hey, if you're ever feeling lost in the plethora of choices, give us a shout. We're always here to guide you towards that perfect cozy corner you're dreaming of.

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