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Using Fire Pits on Grass: A Guide To Keeping Your Garden Safe

Who doesn't love the cozy glow of a fire pit in their backyard? It's the perfect way to make any evening special, whether you're roasting marshmallows or just chatting with friends. But, as we all know, having fun shouldn't come at the cost of our lovely green lawns. 

If you're nodding along, thinking about those scorch marks on the grass, you're in the right place. This guide is all about enjoying your fire pit on grass without waving goodbye to your healthy lawn. Let's dive into the world of fire pits on grass, where we'll share everything you need to know to keep the fun going and your grass growing!

Understanding the Risks to Grass

Fire pits can make grass suffer from something called "heat stress." It's when the grass gets too hot and begins to dry out or burn (even catching fire in extreme cases), leaving unsightly patches on your lawn. 

EcoSmart Mix 600 Fire Pit on a Grass

Some common mistakes that lead to heat stress include placing the fire pit directly on grass without any protective layer, letting the fire burn for too long in one spot, or not properly considering the heat that radiates downward and all around the pit. 

Keeping these pitfalls in mind is the first step to ensuring your grass stays heat-stress-free while you enjoy the warmth of your fire pit.

Preparing the Grass and Fire Pit Area

Choosing the Right Location

Picking where to place your fire pit isn't just about the view; it's crucial for safety and keeping your grass in good shape. Look for a spot that's open, away from overhanging branches, and has good ventilation. This will help manage the heat, avoid heat stress on your grass, and keep everyone safe.

Round Gray Fire Pit on a Grass

Using Protective Barriers

No one wants a scorched lawn, so it's all about the barrier between your fire pit and the grass. You can go for commercial fire pit mats designed to protect your lawn or use pavers and stones for a more permanent solution.

If you're into DIY, creating a gravel or sand bed under your fire pit can be a fun project that also saves your grass. These barriers not only protect your lawn from heat but also add a touch of style to your fire pit area.

That being said, when it comes to portable fire pits, your options are limited to either heat shields or a fire pit screen.

Best Practices for Fire Pit Use on Grass

Operational Tips

To keep your fire pit gatherings fun and your lawn safe, keep the fire manageable—don't let it get too big. Avoid using accelerants like gasoline, which can cause unpredictable flare-ups and damage the grass surrounding it. A fire screen can help contain sparks and embers, reducing the risk of grass fires.

Moving the Fire Pit 

Changing the location of your portable fire pit from time to time prevents the heat from concentrating in one spot, which can cause your grass to burn or die off.

Extinguishing the Fire

When the night winds down, ensure you put the fire out safely and thoroughly. Gently dousing the embers with water, while avoiding a sudden temperature shock to your grass, helps minimize damage. Let the area cool gradually before removing the fire pit pad or barrier.

Exitinguishing A Fire Pit

Note: Even in outdoor situations, you should always keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case of emergencies.

Innovations in Fire Pit Technology and Lawn Protection

The world of fire pits is getting exciting with new technologies to protect your grass and the ground underneath. Innovations like advanced heat-diffusing materials are changing the game. You might consider a high-tech fire pit mat or a fire pit heat shield to protect your lawn from heat. Plus, eco-friendly portable fire pit options, such as bioethanol burners, are making waves for those looking to reduce their environmental impact. 

Elementi Plus Cape Town Fire Pit on A Fire Proof Carpet

As we look to the future, these advancements promise a greener, more sustainable approach to outdoor heating, ensuring that we can enjoy our backyards without harming the planet or our lawns.

After-Care: Repairing Grass Post-Fire Pit Use

After enjoying your fire pit, your grass might need a little TLC. Begin with gentle watering to help the lawn recover from the heat. If the grass seems damaged, aerating the area can improve oxygen flow to the roots. For bare spots, reseeding is key. 

Choose a grass seed that matches your lawn, sprinkle it over the affected areas, and keep the soil moist until new shoots appear.

Safety First: A Recap on Fire Pit Safety

Never underestimate the importance of using safety precautions with fire pits. Always supervise the fire, keep extinguishing materials like water or a fire blanket nearby, and follow all local fire regulations. This way, you ensure fun and safe gatherings for everyone.

Fire Pit Safety Infographic

While on this note, you should also check whether you're placing your fire pit on healthy grass, and not with dry grass underneath, given dry grass can easily catch fire.


Q: How often should I move my fire pit?A: You should move your fire pit regularly, to prevent concentrated heat damage.

Q: Can I use my fire pit on grass without using a fire pit barrier?A: It's not recommended. Use a protective mat or build a barrier for safety.

Q: How do I fix grass damaged by my fire pit?A: Water the area, consider aerating, and reseed if necessary.

Q: Are there eco-friendly fire pit options?A: Yes, consider options like bioethanol burners.


As you've seen, combining the warmth and ambiance of a fire pit with the care and beauty of your lawn is entirely possible. By following the advice shared here, you're well on your way to creating countless memorable moments outdoors without sacrificing the health of your grass. 

Elementi Plus Fire Pit on A Grass

And if you're in search of the perfect fire pit to complement your green space, look no further. Explore our collection of eco-friendly and lawn-safe fire pits designed with both fun and lawn care in mind. 

Let's light up the night in the best way possible—responsibly and beautifully. Discover your next fire pit with us and elevate your backyard gatherings to the next level

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