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Wood Stoves

Wood Stoves For Sale: Your Comprehensive Guide to Sizes and Styles

You know, there's something genuinely special about wood stoves. Picture it: the soft crackling sound, the mesmerizing dance of flames, and the inviting warmth on a chilly evening. 

Beyond just looking stunning, wood burning stoves pack a punch in the benefits department. They're eco-friendly, highly efficient, and, believe it or not, a conversation starter in many family homes. 

Now, if you're wondering about the variety, let me tell you - we have a delightful spread of over 70 models just waiting for you. From the rugged craftsmanship of American-made stoves to the finesse of Canadian-made ones, our collection represents the very best.

And hey, if you ever find yourself pondering over what to do with fire pit ashes, we've got a guide for that.

Looking for top recommendations? Stick with us, and we'll make sure you find the wood stove that feels like it was crafted just for you.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing

Stepping into the world of wood burning stoves, huh? A commendable choice! As you embark on this toasty journey, let me spotlight a few pivotal considerations that'll steer you right.

Heating Efficiency

A roaring flame is mesmerizing, no doubt. Yet, sustaining that heat throughout a long winter evening? That's where the real magic lies. Let’s unpack the specifics:

  • Efficiency Rating: Measured as a percentage, it denotes how well your stove utilizes wood energy. Higher numbers mean more heat for your space and less wasted up the chimney.
  • BTU Output: Think of it as your stove's horsepower. To ensure comfort, match this to the room or home size you intend to heat.
  • EPA Certification: A certified wood stove meets rigorous efficiency and emission benchmarks set by the EPA. It's a sign you're choosing a sustainable, effective heating solution.
  • Secondary Combustion: Modern stoves re-burn residual gases, bolstering efficiency while slashing smoke and pollutants.

For a deeper dive into the dynamics of heating, don't miss our enlightening fireplace vs. wood stove comparison.


Heating is an art of precision. The square footage of your space isn't merely a number; it's a guiding star in choosing your wood stove.

  • Size Matters: You wouldn't wear oversized shoes or undersized hats, right? Similarly, a stove's capacity must be aligned with your room or home size. Consult the stove's specifications, usually expressed in square footage or BTU, to find the right fit.
  • Zone Heating: If you're looking to warm a specific area of your home—say, the living room or basement—then factor this into your calculations. It's about striking the right balance, ensuring coziness without overheating.

Catalytic vs. Non-Catalytic: The Choice Matters

Differing in combustion technology, the decision between Catalytic and Non-Catalytic stoves is pivotal.

Catalytic Stoves feature a ceramic honeycomb, igniting smoke at lower temps. Result? Higher efficiency, prolonged burns, but with added maintenance.

Non-Catalytic Stoves, simpler in design, utilize firebox insulation and air circulation, offering vivid flames but shorter burn times.

Your preference hinges on efficiency versus ease-of-use. For a deep dive, check our Catalytic vs. Non-Catalytic guide.

Shop By Type:

Wood Stove Insert

Perfectly merging with your existing fireplace, these inserts elevate heat efficiency while preserving that classic hearth charm. Ideal for those looking to retrofit and modernize.

Wood Stove Insert

Wood Cook Stove

Infuse your culinary delights with a smoky hint! Double up heating with cooking, experiencing the rustic essence of old-world kitchens. For those who cherish multi-functionality.

Wood Cook Stove

Freestanding Wood Stove

Commanding presence and flexibility. Place it where it suits best, and let its warmth and aesthetics radiate throughout your space. A statement piece for every home.

Freestanding Wood Stove

Styles of Wood Stoves

Traditional Wood Stoves:

Steeped in nostalgia and time-tested durability, a traditional wood stove is an iconic symbol of warmth in many households. Often constructed from robust cast iron or steel, their weight ensures stability. While they're a beautiful nod to the past, some older models may not include spots for blowers, making them less efficient than their modern counterparts. Perfect for those who cherish time-honored designs.

Traditional Wood Stoves

Browse Traditional Wood Stoves

Modern Wood Stoves:

Modern wood stoves are the fusion of innovative design with advanced technology. Constructed from lightweight, enduring materials, they cater to contemporary aesthetics while ensuring maximum heat efficiency. Many are versatile, fitting as standalone units or as fireplace inserts, and commonly feature a blower attachment spot for improved heat distribution. A choice for the modern homeowner seeking efficiency with style.

Modern Wood Stoves

Browse Modern Wood Stoves

Portable Wood Stoves:

Portable wood stoves are the adventurer's best friend. Combining elements from both traditional and modern designs, they're tailored for mobility. Designed to be easily disassembled and reassembled, they're fantastic for camping adventures. However, due to their lack of venting, they aren't recommended for indoor use. A wonderful companion for those who love the great outdoors.

Portable Wood Stoves

Browse Portable Wood Stoves

Shop By Size:

Large Wood Stoves

For those with ample spaces requiring substantial heat, large wood stoves are the way to go. These powerhouses are not only designed to heat significant areas but also become an impressive focal point in your space. With the capability to heat areas as vast as 3,700 sq ft, they're ideal for larger homes, cabins, or open-plan areas. Their hefty size is balanced by sophisticated designs and advanced features, ensuring you don’t compromise on aesthetics for functionality. Explore the range of large wood stoves available on Firepit Surplus.

Large Wood Stoves

Small Wood Stoves

Compact, efficient, and perfect for those tighter spaces, small wood stoves offer the charm and warmth of a wood-burning experience without overwhelming your room. Though they may be small in stature, they are mighty in performance, capable of warming spaces up to 1,200 sq ft. Whether it's for a snug living room, a cabin, or a smaller home, these wood stoves deliver reliable heating without taking up too much space. Dive into the selection of small wood stoves on Firepit Surplus.

Small Wood Stoves

Medium Sized Wood Stoves

Striking a balance between the large and small options, medium-sized wood stoves cater to the average home, offering the perfect blend of efficiency and coverage. Designed for spaces around the 1,800 sq ft mark, they ensure that every corner of your space is touched by a comfortable warmth. Their versatile size ensures that they fit seamlessly into most living environments, offering an optimum wood-burning experience. Discover the variety of medium-sized wood stoves on Firepit Surplus.

Medium Sized Wood Stoves


What is the best wood burning stove for the money?

The best wood-burning stove for the money is the Drolet HT3000. With its high-quality steel construction, lifetime warranty, and ten hours of burn time, you are getting a serious value for your money. 

What is the average cost of a wood stove?

The average cost of a wood stove on on fire pit surplus are between $1,000 - $2,000. You can get a quality stove in this range like the Englander 1508 or Drolet Escape 2100 Wood Burning Stove. You could also go for an ultra high end option like the Ventis HE325

What size wood burning stove for 1000 sq ft?

The best wood burning stove for 1000 sq ft is the Century Heating S250 Wood Stove.

What time of year are wood stoves the cheapest?

We have good deals all year round. It’s best to order between August - October so your stove can arrive and be installed before Winter ramps up. 

Why purchase a wood stove at Fire Pit Surplus?

We work with 9 of the best wood stove brands in the country to ensure your purchases are as smooth as possible. We pride ourselves on providing high quality steel or cast iron stoves at an affordable price. Whether you’re looking to compare two brands like Drolet vs Jotful or want catered recommendations based on your build, we are here to serve you every step of the way.