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Timberwolf Wood Stove & Fireplaces

Welcome to the world of Timberwolf! Launched in a small town called Barrie in Ontario, Canada, Timberwolf took its first steps into the market back in 1976. The brainchild of Wolfgang Schroeter, this humble operation sprang from a steel fabrication business and evolved into something truly extraordinary.

Can you believe the first wood stove from Timberwolf rolled off the production line over 40 years ago? And it wasn't just any stove - it was a game-changer. With its iconic cast iron two-door design, Timberwolf made waves in the industry. Fast forward to 1981, they were breaking ground again, launching the first-ever single glass door with Pyroceram high-temperature ceramic glass. That's Timberwolf for you, always pushing the envelope!

Now, guess what? Timberwolf isn't just any stove company. It's North America's largest privately-owned manufacturer of quality wood and pellet inserts and stoves. Isn't that impressive? But Timberwolf's success story isn't just about size and scale. It's about a dedication to quality, innovation, and outstanding customer service that's unmatched in the industry.

And let's talk about peace of mind. With Timberwolf, you're covered. The combustion chamber? Warrantied against defects for 25 years. The secondary air tubes? They're covered for 5 years. It's just another way Timberwolf stands behind its products.

So come along, and let's explore the warmth and comfort Timberwolf can bring to your home. Because once you get to know Timberwolf, you'll understand why this brand has become a firm favorite worldwide!

Timberwolf Fireplaces

A clever and efficient way to upgrade your existing fireplace, Timberwolf's Fireplace Inserts are a perfect blend of aesthetics and performance. These beauties are designed to slot right into your masonry fireplace, transforming it into an effective heat-producing wonder. They come in two variants, catering to different preferences.

Wood Powered: Fancy the nostalgia of a crackling log fire? Our Wood Powered Inserts can make that dream a reality. Designed for optimal efficiency, these inserts reduce heat loss and can drastically cut your heating costs. Plus, the mesmerizing flames create a heartwarming, rustic atmosphere in any room.

Gas Powered: If you're looking for an easy and efficient option, our Gas Powered Inserts are your best bet. Experience the charm of a real fire without the need for chopping or hauling wood. Adjust the flame and heat to your liking with easy controls, and enjoy a cozy environment with minimal effort.

Timberwolf Fireplaces and Inserts

Timberwolf Freestanding Stoves

Timberwolf's Freestanding Stoves are standalone marvels of heating technology. Combining old-world charm with modern efficiency, these stoves promise to be a heartwarming addition to any home. They're available in two types:

Wood Powered: Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of a traditional wood stove. With Timberwolf's Wood Powered Freestanding Stoves, enjoy a clean, efficient burn, courtesy of state-of-the-art technology. The large viewing windows on most models enhance the cozy ambiance, letting you watch the captivating dance of the flames.

Gas Powered: If you're all about ease and convenience, Timberwolf's Gas Powered Freestanding Stoves are just the ticket. They offer the visual appeal of a traditional wood stove but with the cleanliness and ease of gas power. With their user-friendly controls, maintaining a consistent, comfortable temperature has never been easier!

So, are you ready to discover the joy of Timberwolf? Explore these magnificent heating options, and let Timberwolf bring a touch of warmth and elegance to your home.

Timberwolf Wood Stoves