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Free Shipping Over On All Orders Over $199

Gas Fire Pits

Our Selection of Natural Gas Fire Pits

If you’re looking for a fire pit that’s going to burn all night long, then natural gas is the way to go. The problem with propane fire pits is that you have to constantly change the tank, which can be a total pain.

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What is a natural gas fire pit?

A natural gas fire pit is a fire pit that runs off the natural gas line in your home. You simply connect the fire pit to your natural gas line, and you can enjoy the never-ending flames that come with a natural gas fire pit.

Do they make natural gas fire pits?

Yes, there are hundreds of natural gas fire pit options available for purchase. Natural gas is a very popular fuel source because you never run out of fuel like you would with a propane or wood-burning fire pit.

Do Gas Fire Pits Smell?

Gas fire pits do not smell. They are extremely efficient and produce almost no smoke, which means they don’t produce a smell.