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Drolet Wood Stoves

Drolet: The Industry Leading Wood Stove Brand

Explore the world of Drolet wood burning stoves and discover the perfect fit for your home. At Firepit Surplus, we provide a selection of the best wood stove brands, including Drolet, that are designed to provide maximum efficiency and dependability.

Families across North America have trusted the Drolet brand wood stoves since 1875, when the company was founded by François-Xavier Drolet in Quebec, Canada, making them one of the industry's oldest and most respected names. From traditional designs to modern styles, an EPA-certified Drolet wood stove will surely provide you with years of warmth and reliability.

Plus, beginning in 2023, you may be eligible to claim a 30% tax credit (capped at $2,000 annually) based on the purchase price and installation price of your wood stove. Many Drolet models qualify as part of this program, so check out our qualifying selection and save big with those tax credits today!

Finally, when you purchase one of our high-quality Drolet models, you can rest assured that a limited lifetime warranty backs your investment. Not sure which model Drolet is the perfect stove for your home?

Click Here to see our top recommended models. And don't forget to read real Drolet customer reviews to see why others have chosen them as their go-to wood stove!

What Makes Drolet The Best?

Proudly manufactured in Canada, Drolet wood stoves provide unmatched value and reliability for the price. With almost 150 years of experience, Drolet offers a range of high-quality models designed to last for years. They also offer generous warranties, tax credits on select models, and an extensive library of resources so you can make the most out of your purchase.

The following are just a few of the reasons why Drolet is the best brand name in wood stoves:

  • Optional Accessories - Drolet wood stoves come with various accessories, including blowers, tool sets, cooking plates, covers, fire starters, cool air intakes, and heat shields.
  • Monthly Sales and Promotions - Fire Pit Surplus offers monthly sales and promotions on Drolet products, including free blowers, free tool sets, free cooking plates, or an instant $100 cash back. Take advantage of these deals and save big!
  • Economical Pricing - With the price of Drolet brand wood stoves ranging from around $1,000 to $3,000, this brand provides incredible value for the price. Shop around, and you are sure to find the perfect model that aligns with your budget and lifestyle.
  • Lifetime Warranty - With a limited lifetime warranty, you can be confident that the Drolet company will back your purchase. This warranty covers the combustion chamber, door frame, and other parts like the heat shield, ash drawer, steel legs, pedestal, air tubes, handle assembly, blowers, and heat sensors.
  • EPA Certified - All Drolet wood stoves meet or exceed the Environmental Protection Agency's clean air emission standards. This means you can rest easy knowing that your purchase from the Drolet company is eco-friendly and endorsed by the EPA.

How To Determine Which Drolet Wood Stove Is Right For You?

  • Square Feet To Heat - When deciding on a wood burning stove, consider the size of your home and how much square footage you would like to heat. Knowing this will assist you in determining if you need a small, medium, or large model. We have models in stock that will heat 250 SqFt - 2,700 SqFt.
  • Fuel Type - Drolet offers models designed for cordwood fuel or pellet fuel. If you want to use a pellet fuel source, we have the models to fit your requirements.
  • Firebox Size and Burn Time - The combustion time for any wood stove depends on many factors, the most important being the firebox size. Wood stoves with a 2.0 ft³ firebox or more will usually have longer burn times - from 6 to 8 hours. Some Drolet models can even go up to 10 hours on a single load of wood.
  • Freestanding or Insert - Drolet offers both freestanding and insert models. Consider whether you want a standalone unit or an insert that fits into your existing fireplace.
  • Desired Use - Would you need the wood stove for primary or supplementary heating, or maybe a cookstove?

Overall Best Freestanding Wood Stove - Drolet HT-3000

Drolet HT3000 Best Overall

The HT-3000 wood stove from Drolet is an excellent choice for anyone looking to warm up to 2,700 square feet of space even in the midst of winter. It features an impressive 110,000 BTU heating output and is EPA compliant at 1.6 g/h emissions. It has a non-catalytic design that ensures eco-friendliness and can take logs up to 22 inches in length.

The HT-3000 has a heavy-duty 5/16" steel top reinforced with a C-Cast heat shield for maximum durability. An insulated top panel increases the combustion temperature, while the 3.5 ft³ firebox creates an efficient flame and longer burning time - up to 10 hours! With it’s optional blower attachment, you will have a nice clean flame every time. Its pedestal base, air damper, handle assembly, and sensors make it the perfect blend of style and performance at a great price point.

Product Highlights

  • Powerful heating output
  • Great value for the price
  • Eco-friendly design
  • Up to 10 hours of burning time
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Best Wood Stove Insert - Drolet Escape 1800-I

Drolet Escape 1800 Insert - Best Wood Stove Insert

The Drolet Escape 1800-I wood insert is one of the best wood burning fireplace inserts on the market. It features a robust 5/16" steel top reinforced with cast iron door, stainless steel heat shield, 2.4 ft³ firebox, and can fit logs up to 20 inches in length. With the optional blower attachment, this woodstove is one of the most efficient of its class.

This fireplace insert puts out 75,000 BTUs and can supply warmth for up to 2,100 square feet. With its 8-hour burn time, this is an ideal choice for anyone looking for efficient heating performance at an affordable price.

Product Highlights

  • Up to 8 hours of burn time
  • Sleek seamless integration
  • Stainless steel heat shield
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Best Wood-Burning Cookstove - Drolet Chic-Choc

Chic Choc Cook Stove - Drolet

The Chic-Choc cookstove from Drolet is the perfect choice for anyone looking to bring style and performance into their home. This large model features a stainless steel and cast iron door oven design that can quickly cook for a large family. Its adjustable cast iron legs, ceramic glass, broad spectrum air damper, and ash lip ensures efficient burning and performance.

This EPA2020-certified model provides 10 hours of burning time on a single load of wood and can easily warm up to 2,300 square feet comfortably in the dead of winter. It includes a cleaning brush, two removable cooking grids, a large oven area, a built-in thermometer, and an ash drawer.

Product Highlights

  • Built for quality first
  • Large Stainless Steel Oven
  • Two stainless steel cooking grids
  • 10 hour burn time
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Free shipping through Firepit Surplus

Best Small Wood Stove - Drolet Escape 1200

Escape 1200 By Drolet - Best Small Stove

The Drolet Escape 1200 is the most compact model from Drolet and is the perfect choice for anyone looking to warm up a space of 1,200 square feet. This wood stove comes with a 1.8 g/h average particulate emission rate and 45,000 BTUs of heating output. It includes a pedestal, air deflector, cast iron door with adjustable hinges, and ash lip, among other handy additions.

This model has up to 5 hours of burning time and can handle logs up to 17 inches in length. It also boasts a 1.55 ft³ firebox with side panel inserts for efficient burning. With its included accessories, limited lifetime warranty, and economical price, you can rest assured knowing you're getting the best value for your money.

Product Highlights

  • Very Compact
  • Economical price tag - Save Today!
  • 1.55 ft³ firebox
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Best Medium Wood Stove - Drolet Escape 1500

Drolet Escape 1500 - Best Medium Sized Wood Stove

The best medium wood stove would have to be the Drolet Escape 1500. This model, manufactured in Canada, provides up to 6 hours of burning time and can handle logs up to 18 inches in length. It also boasts a heavy-duty 5/16" steel top reinforced with stainless steel flame shield and an insulated top panel to help keep the temperature up in the firebox.

The Escape 1500 has a max heating output of 65,000 BTUs and can keep an 1,800 square foot home nice and toasty. It includes a pedestal base, air mate, side panel inserts, ash lip, and air damper lever for optimal performance. With its limited lifetime warranty, you can rest assured knowing you're getting the best value for your money.

Product Highlights

  • Great price to performance ratio
  • Heavy-duty steel top reinforced with stainless steel heat shield
  • It fits up to 18" logs
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Best Large Wood Stove - Drolet Escape 1800

Escape 1800 - Best Large Freestanding Wood Stove

Finally, if you're looking for a large wood stove, then the Drolet Escape 1800 is the best choice. This model features a modest 2.3 g/h average particulate emission rate and 75,000 BTUs of heating output. It also includes a pedestal with an ash drawer, a top air deflector, ceramic glass, an ash lip, and an air damper.

This large model can heat up to 2,100 square feet and has an 8-hour burn time, meaning you'll have to fill the stove less often. It also can fit 20" logs, so you won't have to worry about cutting down your wood pieces. With its limited lifetime warranty, you can rest assured knowing you'll get the best value for the price of this unit.

Product Highlights

  • Allowed for mobile home or alcove installation
  • 8-hour burn time
  • 75,000 BTU heating output
  • Can fit 20" logs
  • Limited lifetime warranty