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Pools with Fire Bowls: Heat Up Your Pool Design With 22 Ideas

Get ready for a sizzling summer as pool season approaches! Turn up the heat and make a splash by adding a fiery twist to your pool design with a fire bowl. Not only do pools with fire bowls pack a visual punch, but they also amp up the atmosphere and make your pool the place to be.

Dive into this article, where we'll explore the fabulous world of fire bowls, help you find your perfect match, and fuel your imagination with over 20 hot ideas for incorporating fire bowls into your pool design.

Also, make sure to check out our expert answers to all those burning questions you may have at the end, don’t want to miss that. Now, read on to fire up your pool game this summer!

Benefits of Incorporating Fire Bowls in Pool Designs

Elevate your poolside paradise with mesmerizing fire pits, adding a splash of luxury and turning your backyard into a lavish resort-like dream!

From rustic charm to contemporary chic, these enticing flame features radiate warmth and allure for your outdoor festivities while also boosting the value of your house!

And it's not just for homeowners! Engulf your commercial property in the welcoming relaxation of a cozy commercial fire pit, sure to captivate customers and reel in potential clients with its irresistible ambiance.

Other benefits include:

  • Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for outdoor entertaining.
  • Enjoy the warmth of an open flame without having to tend a wood fire.
  • Easy to maintain and use.
  • Offer additional fire pit seating for guests around a pool.
  • Add a romantic touch to your pool area with the glow of the flames at night.
See the Difference


Source: Pool Magazine



Source: Aqua Blue Pools

As you can see, adding a fire bowl can take a regular pool and turn it into an eye-catching outdoor paradise! No matter your style or budget, there's sure to be a design that fits perfectly with your space. See our BEST Fire Bowls to find the perfect one for your needs!

Choosing the Right Fire Bowl for Your Pool

When it comes to choosing the right fire bowl for your pool, there are a few factors to consider:

Style - Fire pits/bowls come in various styles, from contemporary designs to rustic vibes. Choose the one that best fits your overall design and outdoor space.

Size - Make sure to consider the size of your pool when selecting a fire bowl. If you have a larger pool, opt for a larger gas fire bowl, or perhaps try inserting multiple fire bowls around your pool area.

Material - Fire pits and bowls are typically made from fiber-glass reinforced concrete (GFRC), but you can also find copper fire bowls. GFRC and copper both have their own unique look and feel, so be sure to research before deciding which one is best for you.

The perfect fire bowl should be stylish enough to complement your existing backyard design while still being large enough to provide adequate heating and ambiance around your pool. Additionally, you want something with amazing fire features that is also durable and long-lasting to enjoy year after year.

Tips to Ensure Your Fire pit is Safe and Functional

When installing a fire pit near or around your pool, it is crucial to ensure it is safe and functional to avoid potential accidents. Here are some tips to help you ensure the safety and functionality of your firepit:

  • Make sure that the fire pit is away from any combustible materials.
  • Ensure that the fire pit is placed on a level surface.
  • Use only recommended fuel sources for your fire pit, and never use accelerants such as lighter fluid or gasoline to start a fire.
  • Check for signs of wear and tear regularly and repair it if necessary before using it again.
  • Follow manufacturer instructions when operating the firepit.
  • Never leave a lit firepit unattended; always extinguish it thoroughly before leaving the area or going indoors for the night.

22 Creative Ways to Use Fire Bowls Around Your Pool

As one of the premier fire pit retailers, we sell some of the best fire bowls for pools in the market. Many of the photos featured below are from two of our favorite American-made brands - Bobe Water and Fire and The Outdoor Plus. If you’re in the market for a pool fire bowl, make sure to browse their collections. You can also reach out to one of our expert sales staff and we will send you customized solutions based on your pool area! (For Free!)

1.) Place fire pits around the deck to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Source: One Kind Design

2.) Use an outdoor fire bowl to create a pathway leading up to your swimming area.

Source: Robert Lowdon Photography

3.) Arrange fire bowls in a square pattern to create a centerpiece with grand effects.

Source: The Outdoor Plus Featuring the Sedona Concrete Fire Bowl

4.) Add custom fire bowls to each corner for a dramatic effect combining a water and fire feature.

Source:The Outdoor Plus Featuring Maya Concrete Fire & Water Bowl

5.) Place fire pits on the edge of your pool to create a natural boundary with your backyard space.

Source: Hayward Pool Products

6.) Use outdoor fire bowls to illuminate the landscape at night.

Source: Premier Pools and Spas

7.) Line a poolside bar with an outdoor fire pit to create a cozy atmosphere for guests with grand effects.

Source: Techno Bloc

8.) Add a fire bowl to a water feature, such as a fountain or waterfall, for a unique touch.

Source: Bobe Water and Fire

9.) Place a fire bowl on opposite sides for balance and symmetry.

Source: Pinterest

10.) Combine a fire pit with floating candles in the pool for a stunning display.

Source: Soneva

11.) Create a fire pit near the pool and use them to enhance the overall design and compliment the accent lighting.

Source: EcoSmart Featuring the Nova 600 Fire Pit

12.) Incorporate a fire pit into poolside seating areas to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Source: Progressive Pools and Spas

13.) Create a modern island in the pool's center for a unique and dramatic effect.

Source: Zodiac Pool Systems

14.) Use fire bowls to define specific areas, such as a spa or shallow end.

Source: Bobe Water and Fire

15.) Incorporate fire bowls into poolside waterfalls for a stunning visual effect.

Source: Bobe Water and Fire

16.) Use a fire bowl to create a cozy and romantic atmosphere for late evening swimming with the family.

Source: Southampton Homes

17.) Combine fire bowls with poolside landscaping for a natural and organic feel.

Source: Grand Effects featuring The Outdoor Plus Cazo Concrete Fire Bowl

18.) Incorporate a fire bowl into poolside seating walls for a functional and stylish design.

Source: Grand Effects

19.) Create a fire feature wall for dramatic effect. Fire and water compliment each other wonderfully.

Source: Bobe Water and Fire

20.) Use fire bowls to enhance the overall style of the area, such as a Mediterranean or tropical design.

Source: Bobe Water and Fire

21.) Place a fire bowl on a poolside step or ledge for a unique and unexpected touch.

Source: Northeast Spa and Pool Association

22.) Create custom fire bowl designs that reflect personal style and taste with fire features and water features.

Source: The Outdoor Plus


Fire bowls are a great way to make your poolside area look and feel more inviting while adding value to your home. But it's important to remember that safety should always be the top priority when using fire elements around a pool.

With careful consideration of style, size, material, and proper maintenance techniques, you can ensure your fire bowl is safe and functional for years to come!

There's no limit on how personalized or unique you can make your outdoor oasis this year, so get creative with different designs and styles!

Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Pits and Pools

How much does it cost to add a fire bowl to a pool?

Before installation costs, a fire bowl typically starts at around $2,500 and can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $8,000 for contractors to install. The cost of adding a fire bowl also depends on whether the same color scheme and materials used in creating the pool are incorporated into the fire bowl.

Can you add a fire bowl to an existing pool?

Yes, you can add a fire bowl to an existing pool. Fire features have become one of the fastest-growing additions to backyard swimming pools, and there are many options for incorporating a fire bowl into your current pool design. Installation costs vary depending on the materials used and the complexity of the installation project.

How do pool fire bowls work?

Fire bowls usually run on natural gas, but propane can also be used when necessary. They require a gas line to be plumbed in. The bowl has a burner and igniter inside to light it and fuel the flames. Some bowls with built-in water features would also require a water line to be installed. The flame height can be adjusted, allowing you to have more or less fire depending on the occasion.

Why are fire bowls so expensive?

Fire bowls can be expensive due to the cost of materials, maintaining safety standards, aesthetics, the type of fuel used, labor expenditure, and additional features. All these factors contribute to the overall expense of adding a fire bowl to a pool.

Are fire bowls safe to use around a pool?

Yes, a fire bowl is safe to use around a pool if installed correctly by a professional adhering to local building codes or safety regulations. The installer should ensure that the fire bowl is installed securely and at a safe distance from combustible materials.

Furthermore, the fire bowl must be maintained regularly to ensure its proper functioning and minimize any potential accident risks.

Can fire bowls be customized to fit my specific pool area?

Yes, fire bowls can be customized to fit your specific poolside area. Many manufacturers like Bobe Water and Fire and The Outdoor Plus offer customization options to make the fire bowls look seamless with the existing design of your pool. This allows you to choose different colors and materials that will match perfectly.

Call 888-671-4611, and we can help start this process for you at no additional charge!


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