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Everything You Need To Know About Fire Bowls

Imagine this scene — you’re sitting outside on a cool evening. The sun is starting to set, the birds are slowly stopping their chirping, and the smell of autumn is in the air.

What sounds better than a few drinks and a few more roasted marshmallows by the fire?

Maybe an ordinary fire pit sounds like all you need… right?

Maybe not for you.

You’re looking for something a little different.

Something that really draws the eye.

Maybe something a little more, let’s say, artistic.

In that case, maybe a fire bowl is just what you’re looking for.

They come in a wide variety of styles, and you can get fire bowls that burn everything from wood and propane to natural gas and even bioethanol (a clean-burning fuel like you might find in a brand like Ecosmart).

A fire bowl, to put it simply, is just a fire pit that looks like a bowl.

And now that we know what they are, let’s dive into some of the most frequently asked questions that we’ve found people have about these beautiful backyard centerpieces.

Best Fire Bowls Customer Review

What’s the Difference Between a Fire Bowl vs Fire Pit?

A fire bowl is simply a different physical shape or design for what is traditionally called a fire pit.

The name comes across as a little fancier, but the basic idea is the same — it’s somewhere you can light a fire and watch it burn all night long.

Really it’s just about aesthetics and preference. A fire bowl has a different look and feel than a fire pit. Fire pits tend to be square-ish, while fire bowls are — you guessed it — bowl-shaped.

In all other aspects, they’re pretty similar. Both of them can burn the same variety of fuels. Both of them can come with wide edges where you can set drinks or food, and both of them can similarly have narrow edges so that it’s purely decorative (except for roasting marshmallows of course!).

When we think of fire pits vs fire bowls, usually we think of pits as a bit lower to the ground, but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are absolutely fire bowls that are low and essentially flat, just like there are fire pits that are tall enough to serve as tables. in a pinch.

So the differences are honestly pretty minor, and it’s not uncommon for even the names to overlap — fire pit bowls are definitely a thing.

Shape simply stands out as the big difference. Even aesthetics can vary widely. You can have very simple, streamlined fire bowls and highly decorative fire pits, and vice versa.

Another big similarity? They’re both made of high-quality materials.

Everything You Need To Know About Fire Bowls Fire Bowls and Fire Pits

What Are Fire Pit Bowls Made Of?

Because there are so many different brands and types of fire pit bowls, it’s pretty easy to find one that comes in the material you’re looking for.

Your choices pretty much boil down to three main ones: concrete, ceramic, and metal — stainless steel and copper are two of the most common metals.
All of them make for great fire bowls. Just like the difference between fire pits and fire bowls, it really comes down to your preferences.

Do you want a fire bowl that’s lightweight and sturdy? Maybe a concrete fire bowl is going to be your best choice.

Do you love the classic look of a copper patina? Then that’s the material for you.

Just pick one that goes with your home and backyard’s overall aesthetic — no matter what you go with, you won’t be disappointed.

What Is a Fire Bowl Used For?

Roasting marshmallows? Drinks and laughs? Cuddling up with a loved one on a frosty autumn night? Adding a little flash of style to your backyard?

All these and more are what fire bowls are used for!

Fire bowls put out plenty of heat to keep you and your guests warm and toasty. They’re hot enough to roast scrumptious marshmallows, and they’re perfect for adding pizzaz to any backyard.

They’re literally transformational in that respect — they become the centerpiece of any deck, patio, or backyard, drawing the eye and lighting up the party.

And some fire bowls can even be used for cooking!

How Do Fire Bowls Work?

Because there are a wide variety of fire bowls, they work in a variety of ways.
Many metal fire bowls are simply wood-burning, which essentially means you’re lighting them manually. For others, they might be lit by opening a gas valve and lighting a match or using a lighter.

Still others have automatic igniters, and some even have igniters that are designed to reignite if the flame goes out.

A lot of this depends on the model you buy. If you have a propane model, for example, your fuel source is different from a bioethanol model, so igniters can be different, and so can ignition methods.

Just make sure you pick a model and ignition method that you’re most comfortable with.

Everything You Need To Know About Fire Bowls Ignition System Push Button Spark Versus Match Lit

Can Fire Bowls Be Used Indoors?

Want something inside your home that’s going to dazzle your visitors and make your home the hangout spot for the entire neighborhood?

Then an indoor fire bowl is for you.

So, can fire bowls even be used indoors?

The answer to this is… sometimes.

You might have noticed a trend in this article — most of what we’re talking about depends on a number of factors, and it’s no different with this question. Simply put, some fire bowls can be used indoors, and others can’t.

For the most part, fire bowls cannot be used indoors.


If you have a fire bowl that burns bioethanol, then you can have your fire bowl indoors! This is because it’s a clean-burning fuel. You can safely have a fire going indoors as long as you please.

Just be sure to check with your supplier to make sure you have the right model — we love Ecosmart’s line of indoor fire bowls and fire pits.

If roasting marshmallows in the comfort of your home is something that sounds incredible (and trust us — it is!), then an indoor fire bowl is right up your alley.

Pro tip of the day — don’t use fire pits in enclosed spaces if they’re not burning bioethanol. Other types of fire pits are going to cause a buildup of toxic smoke and harmful gases, like carbon monoxide.

Always use a fire bowl in an open space with plenty of airflow.

And shouldn’t you be doing that anyway to take advantage of the breeze? Hey, even in the winter, a little brisk air doesn’t hurt!

Indoor Fire Bowls

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