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Fire Pit Accessories: Get Ready for Summer with These Must-Haves

As summer approaches, it's time to get ready for those extra-relaxing nights around the fire pit. But having a few key fire pit accessories to enhance your experience is the perfect way to take your fire pit gatherings from good to great!

This all-inclusive guide will help you elevate your fire pit game from must-have safety and maintenance accessories to fire-safe cooking tools, making every night under the stars unforgettable.

Get ready to crank up the heat with these top-notch fire pit accessories.

Best Fire Pit Accessories for Wood-Burning Fire Pits

When comparing gas vs wood fire pits, the choice is yours. If you opt for the classic outdoor wood-burning fire pit with real burning logs, the following are the best fire pit accessories to take your backyard fire pit game to the next level:

Fire Pit Screens

A fire pit screen is an essential piece of equipment for a wood-burning fire pit. It is a mesh lid that helps contain the flames, sparks, and embers while allowing air to flow, keeping your flame alive. The Good Directions Heavy Duty Fire Pit Spark Screen is a great choice.

Fire Pit Screens

Fire Pokers

A fire poker is a long-handled tool that helps you adjust logs, move burning embers, and stoke the fire while staying away from the flames and smoke. The TAFEIDA Premium Solid Steel Fire Pit Poker is 28 inches long with an easy-to-pack collapsable design.

Fire Pokers

Log Racks and Carriers 

A log rack helps keep your firewood neatly stacked, while a carrier makes transporting logs into your backyard easier. 

We recommend the NANANARDOSO 4ft Outdoor Firewood Rack Holder for its heavy-duty construction and modest capacity of 1/8 cord of firewood.

Log Racks and Carriers

Fire Pit Pads and Mats 

Protect your patio or deck from heat damage with a fireproof mat like the Cvtayn Fireproof Mat. It's made of fire-retardant, non-slip material and designed to withstand high temperatures and resist embers.

Fire Pit Pads and Mats

Cooking Accessories for Your Fire Pit

Take your fire pit experience up a notch by adding cooking accessories. From the gourmet grill to marshmallow sticks, you can enjoy everything from simple s'mores and popcorn to full-fledged feasts.

Adjustable Cooking Grill Grates

Grilling over the flames can be tricky, but adjustable cooking grill grates help make it easier by adjusting based on flame height. The WISE MOOSE Campfire Grill Grate is an excellent option with adjustable grill height, heavy-duty iron rods, and a stainless steel grill grate for long-lasting durability.

Adjustable Cooking Grill Grates

Marshmallow Sticks

No fire pit gathering with your kids is complete without marshmallow roasting sticks! The UNCO 32" Extendable Stainless Steel Smores Sticks are designed with kids in mind and have a rotating handle for better control of the marshmallow over the flames.

Marshmallow Sticks

Open-Fire Popcorn Poppers

Choose a popcorn popper designed specifically for open-fire pits, like the Great Northern Popcorn Firepit Popper. It has an extendable handle and is easy to clean up. Make popcorn for the entire family without fear of hot popping kernels flying around.

Open-Fire Popcorn Poppers

Fire Pit Safety and Maintenance Accessories

Keep your fire pit experience safe and enjoyable with the proper safety and maintenance accessories. See below for a few of our favorites:

Safety Gloves

Protect your hands with fire-resistant gloves like the LeaSeek Leather Forge Welding Gloves. They're heat and fire-resistant, perfect for cooking or tending to a blazing fire.

Safety Gloves

Fire Extinguishers

Always have a fire extinguisher nearby when using a fire pit. We recommend the First Alert Rechargeable Standard Home Fire Extinguisher. This 4-pound extinguisher is reusable, easy to use, and has a 10-year warranty.

Fire Extinguishers

Galvanized Ash Bucket

The F2C Ash Bucket with Lid and Shovel is a 5 Gallon hot ash pail that is the perfect tool for safely disposing of fire pit ashes. It features a sturdy handle, a locking lid, and a convenient shovel to help you manage your ashes quickly and efficiently.

Galvanized Ash Bucket

Heat Deflector

Keep the heat where you want it with a heat deflector. The AZ Patio Heaters 24" Heat Deflector is our top pick. This stainless steel accessory disperses the heat outwards, instead of straight up, to ensure optimal safety and comfort when enjoying your wood-burning fire pit.

Heat Deflector

Aesthetic Outdoor Fire Pit Accessories

Give your fire pit a unique look with one of these aesthetic enhancements:

Fire Glass

Create a mesmerizing fire effect with reflective fire glass. We carry several colors, from cobalt blue to amber gold, so you can customize your fire pit display to your liking.

Fire Glass

Lava Rocks

Give your outdoor fire pit a unique look with lava rocks. Prism Hardscapes Tumbled Lava Rock is a great addition that adds vibrant color and texture to any outdoor gathering spot. These rocks are tumbled and smoothed for a more pleasing finish. For a bolder look, try Prism Hardscapes Crushed Lava Rock.

Tumbled Lava Rocks

Crushed Lava Rocks

Fire Color Changers

Add a magical touch to your fire pit with Legendary Blaze Magical Flames. These color-changing packets are easy to use and come in 12 packs that can be thrown into a wood-burning fire to create magical colors. 

Fire Color Changers

Top Wood Burning Fire Pits We Offer

  • Ohio Flame Liberty - Ranging from 24" to 48" in diameter. You can add your custom text to the base. Crafted from thick carbon American steel, this portable fire pit is designed for burning logs in style.

Ohio Flame Liberty

  • Ohio Flame Patriot - Sizes ranging from 24" to 48" in diameter. This outdoor fire pit is 100% American-made and features a sleek, modern design that will be the center of any backyard.

Ohio Flame Patriot

  • Fire Pit Art Manta Ray - This hand-crafted and custom-designed fire pit will surely draw attention. Its unique shape and sturdy construction will make it a conversation piece for years.

Fire Pit Art Manta Ray

Best Fire Pit Accessories for Gas Fire Pits

Gas fire pits provide an easy and convenient way to enjoy a cozy evening outdoors. Here are some must-have outdoor fire pit accessories for gas pits:

Fire Pit Lid

Fire pit lids are essential for keeping your fire pit clean and safe. We offer several styles, including the Fire Pit Metal Cover for the Elementi Lunar Bowl

This lid is designed to fit securely on top of your fire pit bowl and keeps moisture from getting in when not in use.

Fire Pit Lid

Propane Fire Pit Tank Cover

Propane tank covers are a must-have for anyone who owns a propane fire pit - and the PyroMania Fire Hermit Square Propane Tank Cover is one of the best propane tank covers you can get! 

This sturdy, heavy-duty cover protects your propane tank from rain, sun, snow, and other elements. Some fire tables come with built-in propane tank enclosures, so make sure you actually need one first.

Propane Fire Pit Tank Cover

Weather-Proof Fire Pit Cover

A weather-proof cover is essential for protecting your backyard fire pit when not in use. We recommend something like the Elementi Lunar Bowl Fire Pit Canvas Cover, made from tear-resistant heavy-duty water-repellent fabric to keep the critters out.

Weather-Proof Fire Pit Cover

Best Fire Pit Accessories for Commercial Use

Emergency Shutoff - Keep it safe with a Push Button Emergency Shutoff, which safely turns off up to 3 circuits plus one fail-safe function. The electronic ignition will immediately power off with a push of the button.

Emergency Shutoff

Appliance Timer - The extra safety of a stainless steel rotary timer is perfect for commercial applications. This timer allows you to set a predetermined time limit for when your gas fire pit will turn off automatically.

Appliance Timer

See what else we have to offer in our commercial fire pit collection. From sleek, modern designs to unique and eye-catching propane fire pits, you will surely find something to bring your outdoor gathering spot to the next level.

How to Choose the Right Fire Pit Accessories

When selecting fire pit accessories, it's essential to consider your fire pit's size, the type of fuel you want to use (wood or gas), and what aesthetic enhancements will best suit your home. Here are some helpful tips so you are able to make the best decision:

Assess Your Fire Pit's Size, Shape, and Type

The shape and size of the fire pit will help determine what accessories you should get. For example, if you have a round fire pit, you'll need a spark screen designed to fit your pit's circumference.

Also, consider the type of fuel you want to use (wood or gas), as this will determine which accessories you'll need. Gas fire pits don't need a spark screen or fire poker, but you might want to get a propane tank cover or regulator. 

Wood-burning fire pits are less expensive but carry more safety risks, so they require more safety-related items. 

Outdoor fire pits like the Elementi Granville Gas Fire Pit are CSA certified and have all the safety features you need. Plus, they come with a free light tan canvas cover and lava rocks to give your backyard fire pit a unique look.

Elementi Granville Gas Fire Pit

Identify the Main Purpose of the Accessories

Fire pit accessories can serve various functions, from safety to aesthetics. Identify what you are looking to do - are you looking for something that provides protection or a decorative piece? 

Once you understand the purpose of the accessory, it will be easier to choose one that is perfect for your backyard area.

Compare Prices and Materials for Durability and Quality

It's important to compare prices and materials when shopping for fire pit accessories. After all, you want something that is not only affordable but also durable and of high quality. 

Be sure to check the product descriptions for information about the materials used in the construction. This will help you determine whether or not the accessory is built to last.

Read Reviews and Recommendations from Trusted Sources

Reading reviews and recommendations from trusted sources is a great way to ensure you're getting the best fire pit accessories for your backyard. Reviews can help you gain insights into the construction, performance, and overall value before making a purchase.

Have Fun

Finally, remember to have fun with your fire pit and make it YOU! Accessories are a great way to customize your fire pit and give it some personality. Choose the fire pit accessories that reflect your style, likes, and interests so you can enjoy your outdoor space even more. 

Always follow safety protocols and use the products as instructed, no matter which accessories you choose for your fire pit. Here at Fire Pit Surplus, safety is our top priority and we only stock high-quality products that meet all UL and CSA safety standards.

Plus, if you need help selecting the right accessories for your fire pit, contact our customer service team at 888-671-4611. We're always here to help you get the most out of your outdoor entertaining space.

Happy shopping! :)

Frequently Asked Questions

What goes with a fire pit?

There are several types of accessories that go with a fire pit. From aesthetic add-ons like fire glass that can transform the appearance of your fire pit to more safety-related items like a fire extinguisher, just make sure to consider your wants and needs in an outdoor setup to determine the best fire pit accessories for you.

What do I need for my fire pit?

All you need for your fire pit is a fuel source. If you’re using a wood-burning fire pit, this would be fire starter and wood logs. For gas fire pits, your fuel source would be a propane tank or natural gas. Outside of the fuel source, most of the fire pits we sell come with everything you need to get started.

How can I make my fire pit more fun?

You can make your fire pit more fun by increasing the use cases for it. Buying marshmallow sticks and/or open-fire popcorn poppers allows you to turn your fire pit into a fun little snacking activity with the kids. Also, we here at Fire Pit Surplus are big advocates for making your fire pit uniquely YOU! Customize your fire pit with your favorite color fire glass to add a touch of your style to it.

Where can I buy fire pit accessories?

You can purchase fire pit accessories directly on our website and on Amazon. We specialize in more high-end accessories like burner covers, propane tank covers, and fire media. While Amazon is good for the little add-ons like marshmallow sticks and other fun goodies.

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