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A Square Fire Pit Will Elevate Your Yard or Patio

Square Fire pit table

Having guests over, but lack that social-gathering space inside to entertain?

Why not add a little style and grace to your yard or patio with a sleek hand crafted square fire pit?

Not only will this centerpiece set the mood, but it will also provide you and your guests that relaxing ambiance to better enjoy the beautiful outdoors and intimate conversations. 

Whether you are roasting marshmallows, enjoying company with a cocktail in hand, or winding down after a long day. These beautiful square fire pit tables will bring your vision to life.

The craftsmanship of these square fire pits are of the highest quality and will instantly transform your yard, patio, or entertainment space into a beautiful oasis for years to come. 

No matter what space you are wanting to transform, these fire pits will work in any situation as they come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. 

A Square firepit offers intimacy, saves you money, and improves the aesthetics of your yard which will leave your family and friends impressed. Here are six gorgeous and affordable fire pits that you want to see.

Impress Family and Friends with a Square Fire Pit Table

Not only will you be satisfied with a square fire pit, but your guests will be amazed as well. Cozy up to the fire with a special someone or perhaps just a quiet evening with your family, here are two beautiful square fire pits that will impress.

Prism Hardscapes Tavola 3 Concrete Gas Fire Pit

Square Fire Pit

The Tavola 3 is a handcrafted table guaranteed to provide a warm and pleasant ambiance to your yard, lounging area, or patio. Operating at 65,000 BTUs, this unit comes with standard propane or natural gas hook ups that will provide plenty of warmth for multiple people. 

This table is not only a piece of art, but it is also a functional piece of furniture that will last for years to come. I think it’s worth mentioning that this square fire table comes in a variety of color options, making this centerpiece very customizable.

Turning this square fire pit on is quite simple. You turn the key to the on position and use a match lighter to ignite the flame. 

If we’re going with the brown color choice ( i think i would do the white or tan/white one, brown isnt very popular i think we should mention that you have a variety of color options on this table which you dont see for many concrete fire tables)

PyroMania Fire Tao Square Concrete Fire Pit Table.

Square Firepit table

With the Tao square fire pit; roasting marshmallows, drinking wine, and enjoying conversation has never been more relaxing. This contemporary design is made from fiberglass reinforced concrete along with 304 stainless steel burners that put out 60,000 BTUs.

No more cold nights, as this square fire pit table will surely warm you and your company right up. While providing a social or intimate setting for whatever the occasion may be.

This fire pit square comes with a fabric cover, protecting it from the elements all season long. 

Square Fire Pits Improve Your Yards Looks and Functionality

Not only can you add a little bit of beauty to your yard, but a square fire pit can also add more functionality as well. Why not enjoy your wine, food and company all while enjoying the warmth of a toasty fire? These two square fire pits add both art and usefulness to your yard. 

Cosmopolitan French Barrel Oak Square Fire Table from American Fyre Designs 

Square firepit tables

The Cosmopolitan French Barrel Oak square fire table really transforms your entertaining area by adding a rustic wooden look to the top of the table. This begs for your guests to come have a seat and enjoy themselves. 

This outdoor square fire pit can come with an optional upgrade, the handheld remote. Allowing the user to easily turn the flame on or off by simply pressing a button. 

American Fyre Design now offers a flame sensing valve. Meaning if the flame is blown out, it will detect the loss of flame and shut the valve off, stopping gas from seeping out, detected by a thermocouple. (This is a safety feature that has been mandated for ANSI certification.)

The Cosmopolitan Square Fire Table from American Fyre Designs

Fire pit square

The Cosmopolitan comes with four different heavy texture finishes. Equipped with a stainless steel burner that can adjust the flame height, this square gas fire pit table adds a beautiful sophisticated look to any patio or yard. 

All American Fyre Designs fire tables are made in America and crafted out of glass-fiber reinforced concrete, protecting them from nature’s elements.

Save Money With a Square Fire Pit

Here are two square fire pits that will save you money and also save space. If you don’t have a ton of space for a larger square fire pit or maybe you want to save some money. There are still ways you can do both and still enjoy the warmth of an open flame. 

Elementi Manhattan Square Concrete Fire Pit

Square Firepits

The Elementi Manhattan fire pit is guaranteed to save you money and still give you the luxurious feel of a high quality square fire pit. With its smooth concrete finish, it brings life to your patio or backyard. There’s no wonder that this is a best selling fire pit.

This handcrafted fire pit sits at 36”x36” and is only 16” tall. Like most other fire pits it is made from high-performance concrete that is durable and will last for years. 

You can either use natural gas or liquid propane to warm you up on those chilly nights, or even if you just wish to roast marshmallows or hotdogs with the family. 

The electronic push to start feature makes lighting this fire easy and convenient for any user. 

PyroMania Fire Monument Square Concrete Fire Pit Table

Small Square fire pit

The PyroMania Monument square fire pit is a high-end fire pit that is very affordable while still hitting the mark with its durability and sleek modern look. 

You are saving space and money with this square fire pit and still getting a high-quality fiberglass reinforced concrete table. With 304 stainless steel burners igniting up to 50,000 BTUs this is sure to warm you and your guests right up on those cold nights.

You have the choice between two colorfast finishes; slate (light grey), or charcoal (dark grey). Both colors will fit almost any entertaining area. 

The push button spark system means you will no longer need a match or lighter to warm up the evening. 

Benefits of Having a Square Fire Pit

Square fire pit tables offer more than just the warmth of a fire. They are works of art and value you any yard, they are also a place where you can go to wind down and enjoy an intimate evening with loved ones or friends. So here are some benefits of having one in your own yard.

Square Fire Tables Can Be Used All Year Long

These fire squares are not only for the winter season, with their adjustable flames, you can control the warmth of the fire. So for those warmer nights you can set your fire to a low setting and just enjoy the ambiance of a square fire pit.

A Square Fire Pit Adds Intimacy

Not only are they great for social get-togethers, they are also great for just having a romantic, intimate evening with a special someone. What is better than cozying up to a fire with a glass of wine and your favorite person?

Square Fire Pits Improve Functionality

Not only are they great on those chilly nights to keep you and your guests warm, but when they are not being used, a square fire table can be covered and used as a table, adding a bit more function to your gathering area when needed.

Safer Than Traditional Wood Fires

Because these do not require a traditional way of starting them, square fire pits are safer than wood burning fires. Most are pushed to start which means they will eliminate flying embers and sparks, allowing them to be used around outdoor furniture. 

Square Fire Pits Will Last For Years To Come

Square Fire pits are made to last, manufacturers have made these fire pits to hold up in extreme conditions. Even the harmful rays of the sun won't damage these works of art. Assuring that your investment will last for years to come. All the above mentioned fire pits come with a one year warranty, some even coming with two.

Final Thoughts on Square Fire Pits

So if you are not in the market for a large fire pit, or maybe you just wish to save money and improve the look of your yard. A square fire pit is the best option for you. These affordable centerpieces will have your yard looking brand new and will be the focal point for your outdoor get-togethers. 

Think of these square fire pit tables as an investment that will stand the test of time, add new life to your yard, and give you the satisfaction of impressing your family and friends. 

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